Revolutionary Canadian Water Startups: Are They Sector’s Most Influential Game-changers?

– Axine Water Technologies
– Ayyeka Technologies
– Aquatic Informatics
– Bioprocess Control
– De.mem
– Poseidon Water
– Sofi Filter
– Trojan Technologies

Canada is home to a growing number of exciting start-ups exploring dynamic technologies to address both local and global water challenges. Offering cutting-edge solutions spanning treatment technologies, monitoring systems, and data management platforms, these companies are not just solving highly technical issues, but also contributing to protect this vital resource. In this article, we’ll profile some startup masters in the competitive world of water technology, further cementing Canada’s reputation as a pioneering hub for sustainable innovations.

With water sources around the globe increasingly subjected to pollution, waste, and intense resource demands, these start-ups are working to forge novel solutions. These Canadian ventures are transforming the water sector, offering diverse, tech-driven solutions from remote monitoring and control to highly efficient, low-cost filtration and treatment systems.

These companies show Canadian entrepreneurship at its best- using ingenuity and independent thinking to develop standout products with a wide-ranging impact. Let’s dive in and take a look at eight Canadian water startups making waves.

Axine Water Technologies

Axine Water Technologies is a Vancouver-based startup that has developed an innovative, chemical-free solution for treating toxic organic pollutants in industrial wastewater. Its innovative technology uses electrochemical oxidation to eliminate a wide range of pollutants without generating hazardous waste. Axine’s creative yet practical solution ensures companies comply with environmental regulations while improving sustainability and reducing cost.

Ayyeka Technologies

Founded in 2010, Ayyeka Technologies is a Canadian-Israeli startup leading the way in remote monitoring and control analytics. They provide next-generation remote monitoring infrastructure – making it easier and safer to deploy and manage monitoring applications while ensuring reliable data collection.

Aquatic Informatics

Vancouver-based Aquatic Informatics offers data management software solutions for the global water industry. Their mission is to provide software solutions that help water professionals make data-driven decisions that lead to a more sustainable, efficient, and resilient use of freshwater for the benefit of society and the environment.

Bioprocess Control

As a tech-driven venture, Bioprocess Control is focused on providing market-leading instruments and control technologies for studying and optimizing biogas processes. This solution enables researchers and biogas professionals to obtain accurate results related to microbiological degradation in a shorter amount of time and with less hands-on effort.


De.mem is a Canadian-Singaporean water and wastewater treatment company. Their unique approach combines established technologies with innovative product designs. De.mem’s main product is a low-pressure hollow fibre nanofiltration membrane, which is well-suited for use in industries such as food and beverage, mining, and aquaculture.

Poseidon Water

Focused on water purification, Poseidon Water uses groundbreaking technology to create affordable, environmentally responsible desalination and purification systems. They are particularly renowned for their work in implementing the largest seawater desalination project in the western hemisphere.

Sofi Filter

Sofi Filter has developed a unique, automatic, and self-cleaning microfiltration solution for water. This provides effective removal of suspended solids from industrial waters, thus increasing the lifespan of equipment and improving quality while lowering operating costs.

Trojan Technologies

A leading player in the water sector, Trojan Technologies specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling UV disinfection systems that are instrumental in treating water and wastewater at municipal and industrial scales. Their commitment to innovation has spurred dramatic growth, helping utilities around the world meet stringent water quality requirements.

These Canadian water startups are showcasing the vast potential of innovative, eco-conscious entrepreneurship- leveraging technology to protect, preserve, and optimise our most valuable resource: water.

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