Who Are Canada’s Influential Residential Startups Revolutionizing Housing Industry?

Welcome to CanadaVenture.news, your exclusive source for the latest insights into Canada’s buzzing startup environment. Amongst the various industries witnessing a bloom in startups, a particular sector that has seen substantial growth is residential-focused companies. This article will take you through 15 noteworthy startups that are making their mark in the residential sector. From real estate investment companies to property management, SaaS, furnishings, and even purification systems, these startups embody the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that’s fueling Canada’s startup scene.

Each startup we highlight has its unique value proposition, reflecting the diversity within the residential sector. These startups are not only improving residential experiences for their customers but also driving change and setting new industry standards. Let us delve into the world of these noteworthy residential startups.

We believe that these companies are contributing substantially to the residential sector, paving the way for the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs. Let’s get started.


Brown University graduate David Abrams, along with Kirk Stephens and Oz Solomon, founded HILO. The startup provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that assists building operators in attracting tenants, enhancing revenues, and streamlining operations. It operates in industries such as commercial real estate, communities, enterprise software, real estate, residential, SaaS, and smart building.

SuiteSpot Technology

SuiteSpot Technology, founded by Elik Jaeger, is a startup that provides property management solutions, including AI-powered turnover, mobile inspections, mobile work orders, operation, and maintenance. The startup operates in the artificial intelligence, cloud computing, commercial real estate, mobile apps, real estate, residential, SaaS, and software industries.


Wahi offers expertise and innovative tools that provide confidence, joy, and transparency to buyers and sellers on their real estate journey.

ESolutions Furniture

ESolutions Furniture offers commercial office furniture, space planning design services, and ready to assemble furniture. The startup operates in the commercial, furniture, manufacturing, and residential industries.

Northview Fund

Northview Fund is a real estate investment startup specializing in both commercial and residential properties.


RoofBundle, founded by David Peters, is a software application providing valid on-site roofing estimates for residential and commercial buildings.

Cantiro Group

Cantiro Group is a real estate startup that delivers astonishing homes, communities, and commercial properties. They operate in the commercial real estate, construction, interior design, real estate investment, and residential industries.


CNTNR, founded by Adam Morris, provides residential and commercial real estate property developments.

Davenport Realty

Davenport Realty is a real estate agency providing sales services for various properties, operating in the property management, real estate, and residential industries.


NOVA SCOTIA COLLEGE OF NURSING is the official regulatory body for all nursing professionals throughout the Nova Scotia province. They operate in the health care, medical, and nursing and residential care industries.

Goldbar The Nathan Team

Goldbar The Nathan Team offers residential and commercial real estate services. The startup operates in the commercial real estate, property management, real estate, and residential industries.

Foothills Property Group

Foothills Property Group, founded by Taylor Vick, offers a wide range of residential properties for rent and sale. They operate in the property management, real estate, real estate investment, and residential industries.

Pivotal Doors and Windows

Pivotal Doors and Windows is a service company offering door and window service, hardware service, and thermopane replacement. The startup operates in the hardware, residential, and service industry.


Alex Helmel, Drew Green, and Geoffrey Routledge founded Liquuid. The startup reshapes home ownership and investment, one slice at a time. The startup operates in the financial services and residential industries.


Clear is a purification startup that provides water and air purification system services for residential and commercial buildings. They operate in the clean energy, commercial, public safety, residential, and water purification industries.

We hope you enjoyed our overview of these inspiring residential startups making their mark on Canada’s innovation landscape. The residential sector is vast and diverse, offering a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurial talent. These startups have harnessed these opportunities, pushing boundaries, and reshaping industries. We invite you to discover more about these startups and explore the exciting world of the ever-evolving Canadian startup scene.


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