Who are Canada’s Most Influential Publishing Startups Changing the Game?

Canada’s startup landscape is as dynamic and diverse as its population. It is constantly evolving, with an array of startups across different sectors constantly breaking new ground with their innovative technology and fresh business ideas. One such industry that has seen a burgeoning growth in the country is the Publishing industry. Canada boasts a burgeoning publishing sector teeming with passionate creators and entrepreneurs who are coming up with innovative ways of sharing and accessing content. Here are 15 such startups, all based in Canada, that are pushing boundaries and reshaping the Canadian publishing industry.

Links to all the startups’ websites have been provided, and each startup profile includes essential information such as the industry they operate in, a brief bio, and their founders. Read on to learn more about these startups.

Please note, for those startups where founder’s information is not available, we have proceeded with the information that is publicly accessible.


Legible is a publishing company that aims to connect authors and readers through an open-access, global reading and publishing platform. Established in the digital media, eBooks, and education industry, the company has ambitions to democratize access to literature. Founded by Kaleeg Hainsworth, you can learn more about their mission at https://legible.com.

The Logic

Created by David Skok, The Logic is an online media company that keeps you updated on innovation, venture capital, digital economy, and information relating to social and e-commerce portals. It aims to provide accurate, in-depth journalism on the world’s fastest-growing industries. For more formations, visit https://thelogic.co/.


LIVEKINDLY, founded by Jodi Monelle, is a news and media platform that focuses on food, health, sustainable living, and cruelty-free beauty. It shares news and stories that uphold a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. Check out their work on https://www.livekindly.co/.


Curvenote, founded by Lindsey Heagy, Rowan Cockett and Steve Purves, is on a mission to modernize how researchers collaborate and share their work. With the ambition of accelerating scientific discovery by enabling connections, this developer platform, publishing, and software tool allows for seamless collaboration in research. Learn more about them at https://curvenote.com.

Gonez Media

Operating in the media and entertainment, news, and publishing industry, Gonez Media provides marketing content for customers. Stay updated on their work and services by visiting https://gonezmedia.com.


Founded by Mark Montanini, Curiocity is a digital publishing company that provides information on local food, activities, news, bargains, and adventures. Check them out at https://curiocity.com.

AMG Brands Network Inc.

AMG Brands Network Inc. is a Canadian Digital Publisher focused on educating through the power of Digital Content. Founded by Anwar Abdi and Melissa Dimon, it operates in the fields of advertising, advertising platforms, content, internet, marketing, and publishing. Visit them at https://amgbn.com.


Sociavore is a website builder and social media publishing platform created specifically with restaurants in mind. This startup, founded by Amina Gilani, Taneem Tcladare and Thusenth Dhavaloganathan, allows for easy marketing and creation of restaurant websites. Find out more at https://www.sociavore.co.


Copywriters.com has built an online hub where copywriters can share thought leadership content for marketers, consumers, and professionals. Learn more about their network at https://www.copywriters.com/.

Commerce Owl

Commerce Owl is a company that provides an online platform for food companies to publish food-related content. It operates in the e-commerce, food processing, and publishing industry. Check out their work at https://www.commerceowl.com/.

Clever Banker

Clever Banker is a publishing platform operating within the finance and personal finance industry. For more information, you can visit https://cleverbanker.ca/.

Crypto Insider

Crypto Insider is a news publication that also offers dedicated cryptocurrency development and consultancy. Stay updated with the latest in cryptocurrency at https://cryptoinsider.com.

Better Dwelling

Better Dwelling, a data-driven journalism platform, starts with Canadian housing. Co-founded by Stephen Punwasi, it features content regarding the housing market in Canada. Visit them at https://betterdwelling.com.

Merchant Fraud Journal

Merchant Fraud Journal is a publication that empowers online sellers to reduce the impact of eCommerce fraud on their businesses. Check them out at https://www.merchantfraudjournal.com.

Ethiopian Gazette

The Ethiopian Gazette covers everything about Ethiopia and African Countries, including travel, how-to guides, food, cultures, and more. Founded by Anwar Abdi, this startup is influencing the digital media, education, publishing, and travel industry. Visit them at https://ethiopiangazette.com/.

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