Which Cutting-Edge Canadian Printing Startups Are Shaping the Industry?

Canada has long been known for its innovative and diverse startup ecosystem, with sectors ranging from AI to healthcare making strides. A place that might not be regarded as a hotbed of innovation, however, is the printing industry. Traditionally associated with old-school, outdated processes, there seems to be little room for innovation, right? Wrong! Canada is home to a plethora of printing startups that are revolutionizing the sector with cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing, digital labels and packaging solutions, printing automation technologies, and more. Let’s delve into some of the most exciting and innovative printing startups that are shaking things up in Canada.

FemTherapeutics Inc.

FemTherapeutics Inc. is a Startup operating at the intersection of 3D Printing, AI, Healthcare, and Women’s personal health. They are pioneering the development of the world’s first customizable gynaecological prosthetic, offering a highly personalized therapeutic solution for women. Founded by Inara Lalani, Mihnea Gangal, and Negin Ashouri, they are quite literally reshaping women’s health solutions.

Shapeshift 3D

Specializing in 3D technology and AI, Shapeshift 3D is an autonomous custom-fitting personalization platform that’s transforming the manufacturing industry. Founded by Jonathan Borduas, it combines 3D printing, CAD, and SaaS technologies to create personalized sporting goods and medical devices.

Mech Solutions

Founded by Haoliang Zhou, Mech Solutions is a 3D printing company offering various services, including retailing and software development. They leverage cloud computing and IoT to create advanced and sophisticated printing solutions.


Krippit, founded by Melissa Chung, bridges the gap between 3D printing and fashion. The company produces 3D printed accessories for women’s high heels, merging technology with style and sustainability.

Prototype Hubs

Prototype Hubs, founded by Hassan Haymour, Mitchell Eaton, and Tien Nhan, is an advanced manufacturing platform that connects clients with a network of manufacturing partners, providing instant pricing and services.


Democratizing bionic hands for upper limb amputees, smartARM is a start-up leveraging AI and 3D printing to revolutionize prosthetics. Founders Evan Neff and Hamayal Choudhry are harnessing advances in technology to change lives.

Pantheon Design

Pantheon Design is redefining the 3D printing industry with systems that deliver speed and quality. By focusing on innovation and reliability, they’re leading the industry in a whole new direction.


TRAQC started with Benjamin Dringoli and Mariia Zhuldybina, stepping into the niche of quality control for the printed electronics industry. Their impact is being felt in areas ranging from aerospace and battery manufacturing to solar power.

Shifting Shap3s

Driven by sustainability, Shifting Shap3s, founded by Ghazaleh Afrahi, is creating innovative solutions to decentralize plastic recycling. They’re using 3D printing to make a difference in clean technology!

Axolotl Biosciences

Axolotl Biosciences is at the frontier of biotechnology, developing bioinks for 3D printing human tissue models for research and drug discovery.


Founders Mateo Pekic and Steph Sharp at 3DQue are revolutionizing 3D printing with automation technology. The result is a decrease in costs and a reduced carbon footprint, combining innovation with sustainability.

Welch Sign

As a digital agency, Welch Sign offers custom graphic design and large format printing, leading in the fields of advertising and marketing. Their output ranges from wayfinding signs to vehicle wraps.

Hart Print

Hart Print specializes in providing flexible, high-quality digital printing services on aluminum cans. Their innovative approach to print is changing the packaging services industry.

Significans Automation

Significans Automation was founded by Marc Raad to bring automation solutions to the print and packaging sectors. Their software is redefining material handling and pushing boundaries in commercial and industrial sectors.


Altro is a custom label printer firm designing and developing custom packaging tapes, in-mold labels, shrink sleeves, and thermal ribbons.


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