Which Canadian Photography Startups Are Shaping Industry Trends in 2023?

Emerging out of the Canadian startup ecosystem, a number of innovative and creative companies have taken their place in the photography industry. These startups, driven by advancements in technology and a passion for the art and business of photography, are reshaping the landscape of how we capture and interact with images. From streamlined software tools, to marketplace platforms and full-service creative boutiques; there is an exciting array of ventures to explore within the photography space in Canada.

Skylab Technologies

Founded by Alireza Shafaei and TJ Rak, Skylab Technologies is revolutionizing the photography industry by integrating artificial intelligence into photo editing. This startup is transforming the capabilities of businesses, freelancers, and hobbyists with their innovative tools. By unlocking the power of AI, machine learning, and software, Skylab Technologies is enabling users to excel in the digital age.


In the hands of founder Evgeny Tchebotarev, Sloika offers a new marketplace for photographers in the burgeoning field of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Providing creators with unprecedented control over their work through the implementation of limited-edition runs and customizable resale royalty fees, Sloika is embracing the opportunities of the digital marketplace.


A venture helmed by founder Lachlan Shum, Focal is committed to supporting professional photographers in their business operations. This useful tool integrates a fully-equipped website system and streamlined backend services, increasing efficiency in various tasks such as marketing, job management, and online booking.


Started by Kris King, Snaphouss operates with the mantra of ‘Book. Snap. Save.’ As a platform specializing in real estate photography, they connect property sellers with photographic experts. Their goal: to help users enhance their listings with stunning visuals, starting from as low as $99.


Daniil Pavlov’s Taiowa is developing software tailored for industrial workers to tackle persistent problems. This startup combines tools from the photography and video industry with their software, aiding companies in maintaining productivity and efficiency.


Under the direction of Claudiu Bella, pronto is a virtual studio aiming to simplify product photography. Targeting eCommerce brands, pronto makes digital marketing effortless, by streamlining the creation, editing, and sharing of professional product photos across various social media platforms.


Glo3D is breaking barriers with their unique software providing 360-degree car photography. With their mobile and web apps, this startup is enriching the automotive retail sector with immersive visuals, elevating the online vehicle shopping experience.

Ensiha Digital

A versatile marketing agency, Ensiha Digital crafts compelling content strategy, offers online audio design, commits to superior photography, and manages social media for their clients. This startup’s unmistakable dedication to the art and business of storytelling helps their clients stand out in the digital landscape.

Lightbound 3D

A unique startup offering building information services, Lightbound 3D combines architecture, construction, and photography to deliver comprehensive property information. Enabling property inspections, insurance assessments, and more, Lightbound 3D broadens the horizon for various sectors through their unique approach to 3D technology.

Boost Shop

As a data-driven digital marketing and product photography agency, Boost Shop assists clients in boosting their online presence and engagement. Their expertise in advertising, content creation, and e-commerce, together with dedicated photography services, ensures a comprehensive approach to online marketing.

Weech Photography

Weech Photography specializes in intimate boudoir portraiture. Committed to the artful depiction of its clients, this boutique photography company captures the unique beauty and personality of each individual, creating treasured keepsakes and masterpieces.

Cedar Creative

Founded by Megan Elliott, Cedar Creative offers full-service support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. With its team of content creators, brand marketers, and designers, it enhances business visibility and impact through compelling design and photography.


Creating new connections between talent and opportunity, Shuttr offers a platform that conveniently connects photographers, videographers, and editors to potential clients. By simplifying the process of appointment booking, Shuttr helps digital creators and businesses alike to thrive.

Studio 65

Studio 65 is a full-fledged marketing agency that offers a range of services from brand identity creation to web design and social media marketing. Leveraging the power of visual storytelling, Studio 65 delivers unique, engaging content that helps businesses thrive online.

Ming’s Photography

Specializing in wedding and portrait photography, Ming’s Photography captures life’s most beautiful moments. Dedicating their talent to commemorate engagements, weddings, and family events, this company holds dear to moments of human connections and carefully transforms them into captivating images.

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