Who Are the Most Influential Legal Tech Startups in Canada?

Canada is home to several thriving startup sectors, but few areas have seen as much evolution and innovation as Legal Tech. CanadaVenture.news is proud to highlight several Canadian start-ups that are pushing the boundaries in the legal and financial technology sectors. They leverage artificial intelligence, digital platforms, specialized software, SaaS (Software as a Service), GovTech, InsurTech and FinTech to disrupt the traditional legal industry and foster innovation. Let’s explore these pioneers making legal processes and services more effective, accessible, and affordable.


Goodlawyer, founded by Brett Colvin and Thomas Alvarez, brings an innovative solution for entrepreneurs who require professional legal advice. The platform connects business-minded lawyers with entrepreneurs, providing expert legal advice tailored to their unique business needs. The intersection of the Internet, legal, and legal tech industry allows Goodlawyer to simplify and streamline the process of providing and receiving quality legal counsel.


Dealing with death is a challenging process, and Willful seeks to simplify estate planning. Founded by Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds, Willful is an online platform aiming to make the preparation of wills and other after-death legal procedures more straightforward. It’s a unique approach in the building material, e-commerce, internet, legal tech, and real estate industries.


PainWorth, established by Mike Zouhri, is a state-of-the-art legal services application utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the handling of personal injury claims. The software takes out the guesswork in determining the compensation victims of personal injury should receive.


Founders Krystian Olszanski, Rachel Drew, and Rachelle Perron have created Cadence, a software solution for sensitive processes surrounding estate planning and settlement. The end-to-end platform provides features relevant to funerals, insurance, and legal tech.


Lawbrokr, founded by Daniel Steinberg and James Ziavras, enhances the process for lawyers to reach and assist clients. The platform provides templated storefronts, allowing potential clients to access legal advice more straightforwardly.


Founders Michael Carr, Milovan Milic, and Tom Serani envisioned a cloud platform for law firms to simplify their processes–thus, Matter365 was born. The software helps legal professionals save time, increase billing efficiency, and manage remote working arrangements.


BorderPass, established by Josh Green and Sally Daub, modernizes newcomer and visa management. This platform offers intuitive fintech and legal tech software to streamline immigration-related procedures and process visa applications.


SuperVisas, brought to life by founders Joe Chen, Sean Fu, and Spencer Dobrik, aims to ‘make immigration simple’. The startup offers SaaS solutions in legal tech, easing the confusing aspects of immigration.

Orchid B

Orchid B is a multi-faceted back-office platform developed by founder Claudio Romano. This tool aims to streamline operations for the self-employed and SMEs, tapping into accounting, GovTech, InsurTech, and legal tech sectors.

Legalese Decoder

Legalese Decoder, developed by founder William Tsui, aims to simplify everyday legal terminologies and jargons. The platform deciphers complex legal terms, making law more understandable to the layman.


Qase, created by founders Dan Zollmann, Eric Finkel, and Thomas Spraggs, offers a SaaS platform that streamlines the flow of legal referrals, data, and payments. It seeks to centralize and simplify processes in the legal tech, payments, and SaaS sector.


Founder Charles Lesieur has brought iAgree.AI to the market with the promise of leveraging AI technology to generate privacy policies and terms and conditions, usually complex and costly processes.


PwrSwitch, spearheaded by founders Beth Thompson and Carrie Gour, offers a technologically advanced solution to collect mobile communications necessary for dispute resolution. The innovation has proven meaningful in information technology, legal, and legal tech sectors.


Paqt, started by Anatolii Shkliaruk, Sviatoslav Svitlychnyi, and William Muir, is a SaaS-based agreement setup and execution platform. What sets this startup apart is its utilization of FinTech, Legal Tech, and SaaS to redefine agreement procedures.


Aleri, founded by Ben Paul, David Paul, and Ian Paul, is a software solution designed to streamline the process of creating cross-examination questions. This simplification and optimization of trial procedures mark an innovation in the legal tech and software industry.

These Canada-based Legal Tech startups reshape the legal landscape with innovative technologies that have made legal services more accessible and understandable. They are stimulating change, fostering progress, and redefining the way we understand and interact with the legal world.

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