Startup Showcase: 8 Billion Acts of Innovation – Investment Firm

Are you interested in the future of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies? Look no further than 8 Billion Acts of Innovation, an investment firm based in Toronto, Canada, that is shaking up the tech industry. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at what makes 8 Billion Acts of Innovation unique and explore how the organization is driving innovation in these exciting fields.

Investing in the Future

As an investment firm, 8 Billion Acts of Innovation is passionate about investing in the future. The organization invests over $65 million in various AI and blockchain companies, helping to drive innovation in these fields. What sets 8 Billion Acts of Innovation apart from other investment firms is its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The organization is committed to investing in companies that have a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

In addition to its traditional investment activities, 8 Billion Acts of Innovation also runs a popular television show that broadcasts some of its pitch events and investments to the general public. The show is shot in Canada and features pitches by AI companies to a panel of experienced investors, much like the popular TV shows Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den. The show also features CEOs providing insights into what they have learned to build their companies.

Investment Criteria

If you’re interested in partnering with 8 Billion Acts of Innovation, there are a few things you should know. The organization can invest over $100 million, but participating companies must have 20% of the capital required secured into an SBLC (Stand By Letter of Credit) with a solid business plan and an experienced management team. This approach ensures that 8 Billion Acts of Innovation invests in companies that are well-prepared and have a strong chance of success.

The Future of AI and Blockchain

As the world continues to move towards a future that is increasingly driven by AI and blockchain technologies, it’s exciting to see organizations like 8 Billion Acts of Innovation leading the way. With its focus on sustainability, innovation, and responsible investment, 8 Billion Acts of Innovation is helping to drive progress in these fields and create a better future for everyone.





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