Startup Showcase: Intelli Network – Revolutionizing Crime Reporting with Blockchain

Intelli Network is a peer-to-peer crime report platform using distributed ledger technology to maintain a database of information. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Intelli Network is revolutionizing crime reporting and public safety with its user-friendly application and utility token, Intelli token.

Introducing Intelli Network

Intelli Network is a new startup based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is utilizing blockchain technology to create a peer-to-peer intelligence-sharing platform for crime reporting. By decentralizing intelligence sharing, Intelli Network aims to incentivize reporting of any and all crime as well as public safety concerns that may normally go unreported, unrecognized, and therefore unaddressed.

A User-Friendly Application for Real-Time Crime Reporting

Intelli Network’s user-friendly application allows anonymous users to submit and view crime tips in any location. The app disseminates information in real-time, providing hourly updated summarized crime reports for the user’s location. This feature enables users to stay informed and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

The Intelli Token: An Innovative Approach to Crime Reporting

Intelli Network’s token, Intelli token, is a utility token used in the network to facilitate the decentralization of intelligence sharing. Token holders will be able to access hourly updated summarized crime reports for their location, viewed on a convenient, easy-to-use map updated in real-time. Moreover, the token is used as a transactional piece for unidentified users who provide useful and verified crime reporting. These users will be allocated an amount of Intelli tokens to their Intelli Wallet, which will vary according to a particular group of metrics. The economy incentivizes users to provide valuable and accurate information, which will benefit the entire community.

Intelli Publisher Program: Empowering Local News Agencies

Intelli Network’s publisher program helps local news agencies and smaller publishers to post their original content and breaking stories to a truly local network of users. This feature creates an additional source of revenue for publishers and provides a valuable service to Intelli Network’s users.


In conclusion, Intelli Network is revolutionizing crime reporting with its user-friendly application, Intelli token, and publisher program. The platform provides a decentralized approach to intelligence sharing, incentivizes users to provide valuable information, and keeps users informed about crime and public safety concerns in real-time. With its innovative use of blockchain technology, Intelli Network is poised to become a leading player in the crime reporting and public safety space.





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