Startup Showcase: ENGAIZ – A Revolutionary Solution for Third-Party Vendor Risk Intelligence

Are you tired of traditional risk assessments that leave startups and small-to-mid sized businesses out? Do you want to build lasting relationships with third-party vendors to help your enterprise meet the digital age challenges of innovation and competition? Look no further than ENGAIZ.

ENGAIZ is a Toronto-based startup that has developed OPEN Third-Party Risk Exchange (OPEN3PRX™), a new risk framework that improves risk posture and connects enterprises with third-party vendors. ENGAIZ believes that mitigating third-party vendor risks requires more than just traditional risk assessments; it requires a new “mind-set” and “technology-set” change.

Reliable Third-Party Risk Intelligence

ENGAIZ offers an OPEN3PRX™ Risk Intelligence Report that is a reliable and trustworthy third-party risk report. This AI-Driven Human-Led solution is backed by the leading credit bureau in the world, providing enterprises with accurate insights into third-party vendor risks. For startups and third-party vendors, joining OPEN3PRX™ allows them to leverage a new-age risk framework, improve their risk posture, and get connected to large enterprise customers.

Intelligent Automation for Risk Assessments and Audits

ENGAIZ also offers an OPEN3PRX™ Risk Assessments and Audits solution, which is an intelligent automation and cost-effective risk assessment and audit management solution for any sized organization. Startups and third-party vendors can improve their risk posture, comply with industry regulations or standards, and fast-track their journey to attaining SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification. For enterprises, accessing risk assessments is made easy, or they can initiate their own assessments leveraging customizable risk assessment frameworks, saving time and cost.

ESG and Sustainability

ENGAIZ recognizes that a lack of focus on sustainability initiatives poses a number of risks and costs. Therefore, they offer an OPEN3PRX™ ESG and Sustainability solution that ensures enterprises engage their third parties to achieve NET ZERO goals. This solution helps enterprises assess their third parties’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and promote sustainable development, which is essential for businesses to grow and meet regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, ENGAIZ has created a revolutionary solution for third-party vendor risk intelligence, assessments, audits, and ESG. With a focus on building lasting relationships with third-party vendors, ENGAIZ has developed a new-age risk framework that improves risk posture and connects enterprises with startups and small-to-mid sized businesses. By joining OPEN3PRX™, enterprises can easily complete due diligence on their third parties and startups can get SMART Risk Insights on vendors globally.




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