Startup Showcase: Forensic Notes – Revolutionizing Police Investigation Documentation

Forensic Notes is a British Columbia-based startup that provides a secure and court-ready documentation solution for law enforcement and civil investigators. The startup’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) application offers a reliable and secure platform for police officers to document their investigations in a way that is admissible in court. With Forensic Notes, the information collected by police officers during an investigation is ensured to be authentic, reliable, and contemporaneously written.

Contemporaneous notes are crucial for police officers to establish their credibility in the courtroom and internal investigations. With the rise of scrutiny and questioning of officer actions, well-documented investigations have become a priority. Forensic Notes is designed to cater to the documentation needs of patrol officers and detectives alike, providing an innovative solution for effective and secure electronic documentation of police investigations.

Enterprise Component

Forensic Notes also offers an enterprise component that includes a Cybercrime Investigations Management application and Exhibit Management software for Digital & Video Forensics Units. These specialized investigative units require customized applications to accurately document and manage the submission, assignment, and processing of requests for service. Forensic Notes’ Enterprise applications are designed to cater to the needs of these specialized units with the proper functionality required to ensure exhibit continuity and proper disclosure.

Forensic Witness

The startup’s newest offering, Forensic Witness, is designed to help officers quickly acquire valuable electronic evidence from witnesses’ mobile devices. With this tool, officers can easily make this information available to supervisors and lead investigators for critical and time-sensitive decisions.

A New Standard

Forensic Notes is revolutionizing the way police officers document their investigations, providing a new standard of documentation that is reliable, secure, and court-ready. The platform is built to meet the needs of modern law enforcement agencies that rely on technology and the cloud to improve efficiency and effectiveness. With Forensic Notes, officers can focus on their investigations, secure in the knowledge that their documentation is accurate and legally defensible.


In conclusion, Forensic Notes is an innovative startup that is making a significant impact on the law enforcement industry. With a focus on security, reliability, and court admissibility, Forensic Notes is helping to improve the documentation of police investigations and ensuring that officers can effectively carry out their duties. The startup’s enterprise component and new Forensic Witness tool further extend its capabilities, catering to the specialized needs of Cybercrime Investigations and Digital & Video Forensics Units. As more law enforcement agencies embrace technology and the cloud, Forensic Notes is poised to become an essential tool for documentation in the industry.





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