Startup Showcase: Allyus – Empowering Citizens and Politicians through a SaaS Platform for Politics

Allyus, a Toronto-based startup, has developed a SaaS platform for politics that aims to empower citizens and give politicians a tool for better decision-making. With its unique features and strategic advantage over other social networks, Allyus is poised to revolutionize the way politicians interact with their constituents. In this startup showcase, we will take a closer look at what makes Allyus stand out from the crowd.

Empowering Citizens and Politicians is a social network much like LinkedIn, but designed specifically for politics. It is a centralized place for discussion that provides valuable demographic data and protects individual user data. It is non-partisan, which means that it caters to all politicians, activists, NGOs, and citizens. The platform’s goal is to make politicians’ messaging more effective and improve their outreach efforts.


Opinion Polls with Demographic Data Analytics: Allyus provides opinion polls with demographic data analytics, which allows politicians to understand their constituents’ opinions and what factors influence their views.

Anonymous User Profiles: The platform offers anonymous user profiles, which protect citizens’ identities, thus enabling them to express their opinions freely and without fear of reprisals.

Structured Discussion Threads: Allyus provides structured discussion threads, which enable participants to follow each side of the discussion separately. This feature allows for a more organized and efficient debate.

Petitions and Donation Portal: Allyus offers a petitions and donation portal, which allows citizens to make their voices heard and donate to political causes.

Zip-Code Matching and Blockchain Verification: Through zip-code matching and Blockchain verification, Allyus can show politicians that they are talking to their own voters and that they are real, giving politicians more confidence in their outreach efforts.

Monetization Strategy

Allyus plans to monetize its platform by providing politicians with the equivalent of thousands of dollars in ad spend for a single low monthly fee. This will give politicians up to 100% organic reach to all of their voters, while also providing valuable mapped demographic information. Additionally, Allyus is building an in-house donation portal that will allow the company to take a small percentage of donations given to politicians. The startup also plans to build out an ad revenue model to ensure consistent revenue.

Investment and Growth

Allyus is raising 500k at a 4 million dollar valuation. The 500k will be used to build the revenue generating features for the site and scale up in preparation for 2020. The startup has signed up over a dozen politicians (Federal and State Level) since launching its second Beta in November, with at least another dozen expressing serious interest. With its recently built mass on-boarding system, Allyus is positioned to scale up rapidly for 2020.


Allyus offers a unique and valuable platform for politicians to connect with their constituents. Its features are designed to empower citizens and make politicians’ messaging more effective. With a clear monetization strategy and a solid growth plan, Allyus is poised to be a game-changer in the political landscape.

Startup Showcase: Allyus – Empowering Citizens and Politicians through a SaaS Platform for Politics.

Subtitle: Allyus offers a non-partisan platform that protects user data, provides valuable demographic data, and enables politicians to connect with their constituents more effectively.

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