Startup Showcase: EquipmentWallet – Equipment Leasing Decided by You!

Small business owners face a multitude of challenges when it comes to acquiring and financing equipment. EquipmentWallet, an online marketplace based in Toronto, Ontario, has set out to change this by providing a simplified platform for businesses to connect with the best finance companies for their specific needs through a bid & quote process.

EquipmentWallet’s bid & quote process is similar to an auction where the best bid is selected. Finance companies submit their quotes and bids for consideration, and lenders compete to provide the most competitive equipment financing options to the customer. This means that business owners can compare equipment financing options on an apples-to-apples basis, similar to comparing hotel prices or flights, to find the best value for their business.

Why EquipmentWallet?

One of the biggest concerns for small businesses seeking equipment financing is the interest rate, and EquipmentWallet is addressing this concern head-on. The online marketplace enables small business owners to get multiple quotes from matched lenders, providing real pricing and structures from real finance companies. This means that business owners no longer have to settle for only bank or dealer equipment financing options.

Another major challenge for small business owners is the lack of an easy way to get and compare multiple equipment leasing options. EquipmentWallet simplifies the process by matching a business owner’s company profile with finance companies that can offer financing terms specific to their business. This ensures that small business owners can shop and compare equipment leasing options effectively.

Lenders and dealers often leave business owners disconnected from market options and rates, but EquipmentWallet takes an inefficient, complex, and dated process and simplifies it with the small business owner at the core. The online marketplace ensures that business owners have the power to make equipment financing decisions on their own terms.

How EquipmentWallet Works

The bid & quote approach to equipment leasing that EquipmentWallet uses enables business owners to compare options on an apples-to-apples basis to make the right decision for their business. To ensure a great experience for business owners and finance companies, EquipmentWallet strives to satisfy the interests of three parties: the business owner, the finance company, and EquipmentWallet itself.

With one simple application, small business owners will be matched through the platform with finance companies who bid on their equipment financing business. Lenders compete for the business owner’s business, rather than the other way around, putting the power back in the hands of small business owners.


In summary, EquipmentWallet is an online marketplace that simplifies the equipment financing process for small business owners. By connecting business owners with the best finance companies for their specific needs through a bid & quote process, EquipmentWallet ensures that equipment leasing is decided by the business owner. With EquipmentWallet, small business owners can compare options on an apples-to-apples basis, receive real pricing and structures from real finance companies, and no longer settle for only bank or dealer equipment financing options.





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