Startup Showcase: Antler Gold – Exploring the Untapped Potential of the Wilding Lake Project in Central Newfoundland

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most exciting startups from across the Great White North. In this Startup Showcase, we shine a spotlight on Antler Gold, a Halifax-based company that is on a mission to explore the untapped potential of Newfoundland’s Wilding Lake Project. Join us as we delve into their fascinating journey and discover the hidden treasures they aim to unearth.

Discovering Hidden Gold: The Wilding Lake Project

Located in Central Newfoundland, the Wilding Lake Project holds immense promise for Antler Gold. This virtually unexplored property came into focus when Brian Jones and Gary Rowsell stumbled upon mineralized boulders containing visible gold while conducting logging activities. The newfound accessibility of the project sparked curiosity and set the stage for an exciting exploration venture.

Adjacent to Marathon Gold’s Valentine Lake gold camp, which boasts an impressive NI 43-101 compliant estimated resource of 1,060,000 ounces of gold, the Wilding Lake Project presents a compelling opportunity for Antler Gold to make its mark. With initial exploration efforts already yielding positive results, the company is gearing up for a systematic exploration program to uncover the full potential of this mineral-rich area.

Unearthing Gold: Early Successes and Promising Prospects

Antler Gold’s initial exploration work at the Wilding Lake Project has been nothing short of encouraging. Over a stretch of approximately 3 kilometers, the company has discovered numerous showings of mineralization, including the exciting find of visible gold. This promising start is only the tip of the iceberg, as a significant portion of the 50-kilometer trend remains unexplored.

Understanding the immense potential that lies ahead, Antler Gold has launched a systematic exploration program. Through cutting-edge techniques and a keen focus on innovation, the company aims to identify new showings of mineralization throughout the entire Wilding Lake Project. This strategic approach positions Antler Gold as a key player in unlocking the hidden wealth buried beneath Newfoundland’s surface.

Shaping the Future of Newfoundland’s Mineral Industry

Antler Gold’s exploration efforts go beyond simply uncovering precious resources. The company’s work has the potential to shape the future of Newfoundland’s mineral industry and contribute to the region’s economic growth. By identifying new showings and expanding the understanding of the area’s geological landscape, Antler Gold paves the way for future mining operations and sustainable development in Central Newfoundland.

With its headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Antler Gold is also actively contributing to the growth of the local economy and supporting the development of expertise within the region. By harnessing the power of technology, scientific research, and a dedicated team of professionals, the company is setting a new standard for exploration practices and establishing itself as a leader in the field.


Antler Gold’s focus on exploring the Wilding Lake Project represents a remarkable opportunity for both the company and the region of Central Newfoundland. Through their systematic exploration program, Antler Gold aims to uncover the full potential of this untapped area, contributing to the growth of the mineral industry and fostering economic development.

As we eagerly await the results of Antler Gold’s efforts, it is evident that their work goes beyond simply discovering gold. They are shaping the future of Newfoundland’s mineral landscape and leaving a lasting impact on the industry. With their commitment to innovation and sustainable practices, Antler Gold stands poised to unlock the hidden treasures of the Wilding Lake Project and create a brighter future for all.





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