Startup Showcase: Shift – Streamline Your Workflows with Ease

Are you tired of constantly switching between apps and accounts while juggling multiple tasks? Do you find yourself losing focus and productivity due to the constant login and logout cycle? Look no further than Shift, the desktop app that revolutionizes how work gets done. Shift offers a logical and beautiful solution for managing all your apps, accounts, and workflows in one centralized location, allowing you to enhance your focus and maximize efficiency.

Streamlining Workflows Made Simple

Shift, founded in 2017 in Victoria, British Columbia, is dedicated to providing a seamless work experience for professionals across various industries. With Shift, you no longer need to waste precious time toggling between different email accounts or managing numerous app logins. This innovative desktop workstation consolidates all your apps, accounts, and workflows, bringing everything you need to complete tasks efficiently under one virtual roof.

Simplify Email Management with Ease

One of the standout features of Shift is its ability to streamline email management. Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365, Shift allows you to effortlessly toggle between multiple email accounts without the hassle of constant login and logout. This time-saving functionality enables you to handle multiple email communications with ease, ultimately enhancing your productivity.

Connect and Customize Your Favorite Apps

Shift empowers you to connect over 1,200 apps of your choice, allowing for a fully customizable workflow tailored to your specific needs. By integrating your favorite apps, such as project management tools, note-taking applications, and messaging platforms, you can consolidate all your essential tools in one place. This integration not only saves time but also promotes collaboration and seamless transitions between tasks, enabling you to work smarter and more efficiently.

Collaborate with Workspaces

In addition to personalizing your workflow, Shift introduces the concept of Workspaces, enabling effortless collaboration with your team. With Workspaces, you can create dedicated tabs, add apps, and include bookmarks, all within a streamlined environment. By sharing these mission-critical Workspaces with your collaborators, you can ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. Shift’s collaborative capabilities foster efficient teamwork, enhancing productivity and facilitating project completion.


Shift, headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, is a pioneering startup that understands the challenges professionals face when managing multiple accounts and apps. By offering a consolidated desktop workstation, Shift eliminates the need for constant switching, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for workflow management. With its email management, app integration, and collaborative features, Shift empowers individuals and teams to work smarter, not harder.


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