Startup Showcase: Cannamerx – The Global Auction Platform for Wholesale Cannabis

Cannamerx is revolutionizing the wholesale cannabis industry with its fully automated international auction platform. Founded in 2017 for the Canadian cannabis market, Cannamerx has now expanded to offer its services to the global cannabis and hemp industry. With more than 330 international cannabis and hemp companies participating on Cannamerx, the platform is a fully-automated, easy-to-use, and low-cost marketplace for the global cannabis and hemp industry.

Connecting the cannabis industry

Cannamerx provides a platform for growers, processors, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors to connect and trade cannabis and hemp products, including extracts and isolates. By facilitating direct connections, the platform allows for a more efficient and cost-effective means of trading, cutting out the need for brokers or professional traders.

Auction-based system

Unlike traditional commodity exchange systems that use bid-ask processes, the Cannamerx platform utilizes a proprietary auction engine to settle prices. This allows for the system to function fully-automated, providing users with a seamless and efficient experience.

Neutrality and transparency

To ensure neutrality and transparency, Cannamerx does not accept any investment from cannabis or hemp companies, or funds associated with them. Additionally, neither Cannamerx nor its executives, employees, or shareholders are allowed to trade on their own account on Cannamerx or be involved in any cannabis or hemp business eligible for trading on Cannamerx. This system ensures that the platform is fully neutral and transparent, offering users a fair and unbiased trading experience.

A full suite of optional services

Cannamerx provides its clients with a full suite of optional services through strategic partnerships with regulatory consultants, financial service providers, transportation and security companies, and testing labs. This allows users to access a range of ancillary services without being tied into a closed service ecosystem, providing flexibility and choice for users.


In conclusion, Cannamerx is an innovative startup that is transforming the wholesale cannabis industry by offering a fully-automated, easy-to-use, and low-cost marketplace for the global cannabis and hemp industry. With its proprietary auction engine, neutrality and transparency, and suite of optional services, Cannamerx is providing a fair and efficient trading experience for growers, processors, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors around the world.




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