Startup Showcase: Cat’s Eye – AI-Based Solution to Prevent School Bullying

In recent years, school bullying has become a significant social problem affecting millions of students globally. Bullying not only has a negative impact on the mental and physical health of the victims, but it also negatively affects the overall school environment. Fortunately, Victoria-based startup Cat’s Eye has developed an AI-based solution to prevent bullying incidents at schools.

Introducing Cat’s Eye – The AI-Based Solution to School Bullying

Cat’s Eye is a technology-driven company that has developed an innovative audio-visual real-time violence detector that uses AI to detect any type of violence, whether physical or verbal bullying, that occurs in schools. Once the AI algorithm detects a bullying incident, it instantly alerts the related school staff member with the exact location, number of people involved, and the type of bullying taking place.

The primary goal of Cat’s Eye is to prevent bullying incidents from occurring by providing a real-time solution that can detect and prevent bullying incidents as they happen. With the help of Cat’s Eye, school staff members can intervene during the earlier stages of a bullying incident, preventing it from escalating to an out-of-proportion degree.

Privacy is a Top Priority

At Cat’s Eye, privacy is a top priority, and the company has taken all necessary steps to ensure the privacy of students’ data. The AI model used by Cat’s Eye does not use face-recognition technology, ensuring that the identity of the students involved in a bullying incident remains anonymous.

Innovative Technology to Ensure Student Safety

Cat’s Eye’s innovative technology can detect any type of violence in schools, including physical violence, verbal abuse, and cyberbullying. The AI-based solution is specifically designed to ensure student safety by detecting and preventing bullying incidents as they happen.

The Importance of Early Intervention

It’s no secret that bullying incidents often occur in very close proximity to school staff members and go unnoticed. Cat’s Eye aims to change this by providing a solution that detects and prevents bullying incidents during the early stages, preventing them from escalating. By intervening early, school staff members can prevent bullying incidents from spiraling out of control and ensure the safety of all students.


Cat’s Eye is a company that values the physical and mental safety of children in schools. The company’s innovative AI-based solution provides a real-time solution that detects and prevents bullying incidents from occurring. With the help of Cat’s Eye, school staff members can intervene during the early stages of a bullying incident, preventing it from escalating and ensuring the safety of all students.





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