Startup Showcase: Signum Alpha Systems – Making Investment Easier and More Accessible

Signum Alpha Systems is a Vancouver-based technology company that aims to simplify the investment process and make it more accessible for everyone. With a strict set of standards, the company evaluates submitted investment strategies (algorithms) and publishes only quality-assured strategies for investors to choose from.

Quality-Assured Investment Strategies

Signum Alpha Systems believes that the traditional investment process is outdated and inconvenient, requiring investors to make many important decisions without proper guidance. They believe that modern technology can offer solutions to these problems. Signum Alpha Systems evaluates submitted investment strategies based on a strict set of standards, ensuring that they are high quality and have the potential to provide excellent returns. The company then publishes only the best strategies for investors to choose from. This process provides transparency and convenience to the investment process, making it easier for individuals to make informed decisions.

Stash Up: A Driver-less Investment Vehicle

Stash Up is Signum Alpha System’s first driver-less investment vehicle that provides free investment solutions to all. With Stash Up, investors can determine their asset allocation (Bond, Cash, Equity) and select the right equity strategy to trade. The platform is user-friendly and provides a hassle-free way to invest for those who are just starting or looking for an easy investment option.

Stash Up Pro: Customizable Investment Strategies

For more advanced users, Signum Alpha Systems offers Stash Up Pro, a subscription-based platform that provides access to all approved strategies submitted to the community-driven and crowd-sourced Strategy Market. With Stash Up Pro, users can customize their portfolio according to their own preferences and judgment. The platform empowers investors to make decisions based on their own research and analysis, offering a more flexible approach to investing.


Signum Alpha Systems aims to democratize investing and make it more accessible and transparent for everyone. With their quality-assured investment strategies and user-friendly platforms, the company offers investors a convenient and hassle-free way to invest. Signum Alpha Systems is a leader in the investment industry, and their innovative solutions will continue to revolutionize the way people invest.



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