Startup Showcase: Chaac Technologies – Optimizing Field Data Collection with Geospatial Technologies

Are you tired of inefficient and outdated field data collection methods? Look no further than Chaac Technologies, a Montreal-based startup that is revolutionizing the way field data is collected and managed with its innovative Coral Platform.

A History of Success

Chaac Technologies has an impressive history of success in the field data management industry. Its founders, ES2 and EPDS, developed ShoreClean and ShoreAssess, the world’s first oil spill response data management software. In 2014, Chaac Technologies was founded to push the limits of this technology even further with the Coral Platform.

The Coral Platform

The Coral Platform is a technological ecosystem that helps users optimize the preparation, collection, and processing of information in the field while providing training for teams using the most appropriate technologies. The platform is composed of three components: Coral Collect, Coral Fleet, and Coral Reality.

Coral Collect

Coral Collect is a solution that allows users to collect, save, and share data in the field in a collaborative way. This solution makes it possible to involve all levels of the organization in field data management, including technicians, analysts, and managers. With Coral Collect, users can convert paper forms into efficient mobile forms, and all data is georeferenced to precise GPS coordinates.

Coral Fleet

Coral Fleet is a platform accessible from anywhere that allows users to share the deliverables created from drone flights with their customers. These deliverables include orthophotos, mosaics of images, elevation maps, very high-quality images and videos, and 3D models. Coral Fleet enables users to quickly and easily share these deliverables with their clients, improving efficiency and collaboration.

Coral Reality

Coral Reality is a platform that allows users to train in realistic photo universes without having to send users to the field or hire a trainer. When customers request training modules in virtual reality, Chaac Technologies develops them on their side and shares them on the Coral Platform. In this way, there is a training library available anywhere, making it easy for users to learn and improve their skills.

The Benefits of Coral Platform

The Coral Platform offers a number of benefits to users, including improved efficiency, collaboration, and data accuracy. With Coral Collect, users can easily collect and share data in the field, while Coral Fleet enables them to share deliverables with their customers quickly and easily. Coral Reality provides users with a training library that can be accessed from anywhere, improving their skills and increasing their knowledge of the latest technologies.

Chaac Technologies’ Achievements

Chaac Technologies has already achieved significant success with the Coral Platform. Its innovative technology has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including the 2019 Emerging Technology Award from the Geospatial World Forum and the 2019 Corporate Vision Technology Innovator Award.

Try the Coral Platform Today!

The Coral Platform is available to users who want to optimize their field data collection and management processes. With its innovative technology and user-friendly interface, Coral Platform is the ideal solution for organizations that want to improve their efficiency, collaboration, and data accuracy.




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