Startup Showcase: iMerciv – Empowering Pedestrians with Personalized Navigation and Actionable Data in Real Time

Are you tired of navigation apps that only consider vehicular travel and don’t account for all the variables that affect pedestrian travel? Well, iMerciv, a Toronto-based start-up, has the solution to your problem. Leveraging crowdsourcing and AI, iMerciv is empowering pedestrians with personalized navigation and actionable data in real time with their new pedestrian navigation app, MapinHood.

The Problem with Existing Navigation Apps

Navigation apps were primarily built for vehicular travel, and they don’t consider all the variables that affect pedestrian travel. People are not cars, so why should we navigate like them? Existing navigation apps don’t factor in variables like gradient and accessibility data, crime and accident data, and lighting data, among others, when generating a route for pedestrians. This lack of personalization and inclusivity can result in unsafe and inconvenient travel experiences for pedestrians.

The Solution: MapinHood

MapinHood is a pedestrian navigation app that runs on iMerciv’s custom AI routing engine, built for the flexibility of pedestrian travel. The app offers personalized and inclusive navigation experiences that consider all the variables that affect pedestrian travel. For example, MapinHood can generate a user the safest path home at night based on lighting, crime, and accident data. Or provide the most accessible route to a user in a wheelchair using gradient and accessibility relevant data.

MapinHood leverages crowd sourcing to keep users updated on what’s happening on their sidewalks. With the help of fellow pedestrians, users always know what’s happening on their route, making for safer and more convenient trips. Think Waze for Walkers.

Features of MapinHood

  • Custom AI routing engine built for pedestrian travel
  • Personalized and inclusive navigation experiences
  • Safe routing based on lighting, crime, and accident data
  • Accessible routing based on gradient and accessibility data
  • Crowdsourced updates on what’s happening on sidewalks
  • ‘Avoid crowds’ setting to help with physical distancing during COVID-19

iMerciv’s Achievements

The iMerciv team has bootstrapped MapinHood with revenues from a previous product and was awarded Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility grant to help with the development. The company also recently made the cut for this year’s Next AI cohort – a Next Canada accelerator program.

Try MapinHood Today!

The beta version of the MapinHood app is available for download on both Android and IOS. Experience safe, convenient, and accessible pedestrian travel with MapinHood.





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