Startup Showcase: Danse Avec Moi Milton – Bringing the Art of Dance to Milton

Danse Avec Moi Milton is a startup dance studio that brings a unique and artistic approach to the world of ballroom and Latin dance. The studio is founded and led by Jean-Guy Bernard, a professional dancer and teacher with over 20 years of experience. Jean-Guy’s passion for dance started at the young age of 5 in the south of France, and he has since danced with various companies like Disneyland Paris, Sony Music, and the Palais des Beaux Arts in Charleroi, Belgium.

Now located in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Jean-Guy has opened his own dance studio to share his love and expertise for dance with his community. His extensive training and experience in ballet and jazz dance provide a unique and exciting approach to ballroom and Latin dance styles.

A Professional Approach to Dance Education

Jean-Guy’s teaching style is professional and structured, with a focus on technique and artistry. His goal is to provide students with a comprehensive education in dance, allowing them to develop their skills and creativity to their full potential. Classes are available for all levels, from beginners to advanced dancers, with a variety of styles offered including ballroom, Latin, salsa, and more.

Jean-Guy’s experience as a professional dancer and teacher is evident in his approach to education. He creates a supportive and encouraging environment for his students, while also challenging them to push themselves to new levels of excellence. His commitment to his students’ growth and development is a key factor in the success of Danse Avec Moi Milton.

A Community of Passionate Dancers

Danse Avec Moi Milton is more than just a dance studio – it’s a community of passionate dancers who share a love for the art of dance. Students at the studio have the opportunity to connect with other dancers and participate in events and competitions throughout the year. The studio also offers private lessons and wedding dance choreography, providing a personalized and memorable dance experience for special occasions.

Jean-Guy’s commitment to his students and his community is evident in his approach to dance education. He believes that dance has the power to transform lives, and he works tirelessly to share his passion with others. His dedication to excellence and his creative approach to dance education make Danse Avec Moi Milton a unique and exciting addition to the Milton community.

Experience the Art of Dance at Danse Avec Moi Milton

If you’re looking for a unique and inspiring approach to dance education, look no further than Danse Avec Moi Milton. With a passionate and experienced teacher, a supportive community of dancers, and a commitment to excellence in dance education, this startup dance studio is sure to make an impact in the world of ballroom and Latin dance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, Danse Avec Moi Milton has something to offer.




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