Startup Showcase: Moka – Canada’s #1 Saving and Investing App

Saving and investing are two essential components of financial stability and long-term wealth creation, but for many people, they seem daunting and complicated. Moka (previously Mylo) is a Montreal-based startup that aims to change this by making saving and investing effortless and accessible to everyone. With their innovative app and mission-driven approach, Moka is revolutionizing the way Canadians and people around the world manage their money.

The Moka app: Saving, spending, and investing made easy

Saving money can be challenging, especially when you’re living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make ends meet. Moka’s app solves this problem by automatically rounding up your everyday purchases and investing the spare change in a diversified portfolio of ETFs (exchange-traded funds). For example, if you buy a coffee for $3.75, Moka will round up the purchase to $4.00 and invest the extra $0.25. Over time, these small investments can add up to significant savings and investment gains.

Moka’s app is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. You don’t need any financial knowledge or experience to start saving and investing with Moka. The app offers several customization options, such as choosing your investment portfolio type and setting your savings goals. You can also track your progress and monitor your investments in real-time.

Moka’s expansion to France and beyond

Since launching in 2017, Moka’s app has gained a massive following in Canada, with over 750,000 downloads and thousands of positive reviews. In 2020, the company rebranded from Mylo to Moka and expanded to France to make their innovative savings and investing platform accessible to more people worldwide.

Moka’s future: AI-powered products for financial empowerment

Moka is not content to rest on its laurels as Canada’s #1 saving and investing app. The company has ambitious plans to develop new products driven by AI and human expertise that will empower everyone to make the most of their money. These products will reduce expenses, accelerate debt repayment, provide financial coaching, and deliver valuable cashback rewards.


Moka is a startup that has disrupted the traditional savings and investing landscape in Canada and beyond. Their app is user-friendly, accessible, and effective at helping people save and invest their spare change. With their ambitious plans for the future, Moka is poised to become a leading financial technology company that empowers everyone to achieve financial freedom.





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