Startup Showcase: DogPack – The Ultimate Social Network for Dogs and Their Owners

DogPack, a Montreal-based startup, has created a unique app that connects dog owners and their pets with other like-minded individuals and their furry companions at dog parks around the world. With its comprehensive dog park finder, personalized profiles, and fun feed section, DogPack is the perfect app for dog lovers who want to socialize and make new friends for both themselves and their pups.

Dog Park Finder:

DogPack’s dog park finder is the most complete and accurate source for dog parks across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands. With over 7,500 off-leash areas in its database, DogPack makes it easier than ever to find a place to let your dog run free and play with other dogs. Not only can you see exactly how many and which dogs are at each park, but you can also read park reviews and ratings from other users before you go.

Dog Park Filter Options:

DogPack’s dog park finder includes a variety of filters that allow you to customize your search based on specific criteria such as park size, availability of water fountains, and even whether other dogs are neutered or not. This makes it easy to find the perfect park for your dog and ensure that their playtime is safe and enjoyable.

Build a Profile:

Creating a personalized profile for your dog on DogPack is both fun and practical. You can build a pack with all your dog’s friends, share photos and messages, and even tag your location and the dog park you’re at. In-app notifications let you keep track of your posts and see who has given your post a “paw” or “bark.”

Feed Section:

The app’s feed section is the perfect place to see photos and posts from your dog’s friends. You can interact with other dog owners by giving their posts a “paw” or “bark” and sharing your own photos and stories.

Earn Badges and Win Great Prizes:

Using the DogPack app can earn you badges that you can exchange for treats and other cool prizes. Every badge can be earned multiple times, so there’s no limit to how many prizes you can win. The more you use the app, the more great prizes you’ll receive for your dog.

Rate Other Dogs:

DogPack also allows you to rate other dogs at the park based on their obedience level, energy level, and overall temperament. These ratings are displayed on their profile, so you can see how your dog compares to others over different periods.

Filter Your Search for Other Dogs:

The app also makes it easy to filter your dog search based on gender, breed, age, and profile ratings. This is a great way to find other dogs that your pup may enjoy playing with, and it can be especially helpful if your dog is particular about the types of dogs they like to socialize with.

With its innovative features and user-friendly design, DogPack is quickly becoming the ultimate social network for dogs and their owners. The app is not only fun but also practical, making it easy to find and connect with other dog owners in your area. DogPack continues to grow rapidly, and its developers have exciting updates coming soon.

Visit DogPack’s website at to learn more, and connect with them on social media:




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