Startup Showcase: Gofindo – Mobile Engagement Platform for Retailers

Gofindo provides retailers with a cloud-based point of sale and digital marketing platform that streamlines data collection, offers personalized marketing efforts, and improves revenue and traffic at their locations.

Retailers are facing increasing competition from online-based e-commerce retailers, and the need for digitizing their customer base is becoming more crucial. Gofindo, a mobile engagement platform for both Android and iOS, offers a seamless omni-channel experience while collecting actionable data and insights. Gofindo’s customizable mobile application enables retailers to create loyalty programs for customers, provide personalized marketing efforts, and offer in-store location-based marketing and mobile payment options.

Cloud-based Point of Sale and Digital Marketing Platform

Gofindo’s platform provides retailers with a low-risk and affordable entry cost, representing a fully-featured solution that improves revenue and traffic at their locations. It provides an end-to-end solution for retailers that can be used to track, analyze, and provide insights on marketing metrics. The cloud-based point of sale technology enables retailers to collect purchase and marketing data, which can be used to refine future marketing offers.

Mobile Engagement Platform

Gofindo’s mobile engagement platform enables retailers to create loyalty programs for their customers. Using a “white”-labelled mobile application, customers can receive discounts and loyalty points from retailers. For the customer, offers and loyalty points increase engagement and drive more consistent incentivizing purchasing behaviors.

Personalized Marketing Efforts

Gofindo’s platform offers personalized marketing efforts to retailers. By collecting data on customer preferences and purchase history, retailers can create personalized marketing campaigns to incentivize repeat purchases. The platform eliminates the need for retailers to invest significantly in their own standalone mobile application, reducing marketing effort and spend needed to manage offers via traditional online marketing.

Business Model

Gofindo’s primary service offering is represented by the cloud-based Software as a Service offering for retailers, providing multiple key benefits. The solution will be provided with a “freemium” and paid levels, increasing with the breadth and capacity of features integrated into each tier level (among three options).

Future Opportunities

In addition to the initial roll-out and service offering provided by Gofindo to retailers and merchants, future offerings represent significant opportunities. This includes the combination of potential mobile wallet and blockchain solutions, used by consumers and retailers, to incentivize both groups for a fully-engaged retail shopping experience leading to compounding growth potential for the organization.

Gofindo’s platform is an affordable solution for retailers to drive user engagement, collect actionable data and insights, and present opportunities for the merchants themselves. By offering personalized marketing efforts, mobile engagement, and a cloud-based point of sale technology, Gofindo is reviving the traditional brick and mortar retail space.

Visit Gofindo’s website to learn more about their platform:




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