Startup Showcase: Drive Hockey Analytics – Revolutionizing Amateur Hockey with Advanced Analytics

Drive Hockey Analytics is a Vancouver-based startup that is making professional-level hockey analytics available for amateur players and coaches. Its revolutionary sensor-based system captures detailed performance data automatically, delivering advanced analytics and game IQ for players at all levels. With its patent-pending technology, Drive Hockey Analytics is changing the way amateur hockey players develop their skills and compete on the ice.

Breaking Down the Barriers of Sports Analytics

The world of sports analytics has traditionally been limited to top professional teams and leagues due to the time and cost associated with collecting data. Drive Hockey Analytics is eliminating these barriers by using small, powerful sensors to capture over 3000 data points per second. Its AI-driven platform breaks down the game into milliseconds, identifying events and performance details for every player on the ice. This makes advanced analytics accessible to amateur players and coaches for the first time, providing unbiased data to better evaluate, develop, and compete.

Revolutionary Sensor-Based Technology

Drive Hockey Analytics uses sensors on players, in their sticks, and in the puck to capture detailed performance data in real-time. This allows players and coaches to have access to detailed performance statistics in real-time, enabling them to adjust their strategies on the fly. Players are able to develop stronger IQ and better playing habits, and coaches can better evaluate player performance and make data-driven decisions. With its advanced technology, Drive Hockey Analytics is revolutionizing the world of amateur hockey and making it more accessible and engaging for players and fans alike.

Partnering with Amateur Hockey Leagues

Drive Hockey Analytics partners with amateur hockey leagues to bring its world-class data technology into their arenas, helping them become more entertaining, competitive, and profitable. By leveraging its advanced data streams, amateur hockey leagues can enhance player development, coaching, scouting, media, and fan applications. This makes hockey more engaging and accessible for fans, and provides players with the tools they need to take their game to the next level.


Drive Hockey Analytics is a game-changer in the world of amateur hockey. By making advanced analytics accessible to players and coaches at all levels, it is helping to level the playing field and provide new opportunities for player development and competitive play. With its revolutionary sensor-based technology, Drive Hockey Analytics is changing the game for amateur hockey players and paving the way for a new era of data-driven sports.





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