Startup Showcase: EntreLaunch – Building Resilience through Youth Entrepreneurship

An online pre-accelerator and microfund platform for global youth, focused on social impact

Entrepreneurship is not just about making money; it’s about creating a positive impact on society. EntreLaunch, a Toronto-based startup, is doing just that by developing a fully online global pre-accelerator program primarily for youth age 15-35 to offset global youth unemployment and underemployment and build resiliency in a rapidly changing job market. This Startup Showcase will explore how EntreLaunch is empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through its innovative online pre-accelerator and microfund platform.

Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship

EntreLaunch is on a mission to launch the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Its programs focus on youth aged 15-35 who are looking to create social impact through their ventures. The company believes that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for creating positive change in the world, and it is committed to helping young people develop the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Online Pre-Accelerator and Microfund Platform

EntreLaunch offers a free online pre-accelerator program that provides young entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch their ventures. The program includes a range of resources, including online courses, mentorship, and networking opportunities. EntreLaunch also offers a premium upgrade that provides more advanced resources for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their ventures to the next level.

In addition to its pre-accelerator program, EntreLaunch also offers a microfund platform that provides small microfunds of up to $3000 to young entrepreneurs who are just starting out. The microfunding program allows youth to test ideas and validate businesses early on by providing small microfunds backed by the community. EntreLaunch also plans to develop a microcredit program that will grant small, low-interest loans to young entrepreneurs.

Impact Cup: The Experiential Teen Entrepreneurial Challenge

EntreLaunch also offers Impact Cup, a 48-hour experiential teen entrepreneurial challenge geared towards giving youth the soft skills they need to succeed in any career and the power to create their own future as an entrepreneur or intrapreneurs. Impact Cup is a unique program that provides young people with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and helps them develop the skills they need to succeed in any career.

Building Resilient Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

What sets EntreLaunch apart is its focus on social impact and on being able to deliver programming to rural and remote areas where access to entrepreneurial education is more difficult to reach. Its online courses are available offline and in a variety of formats to allow easy access through mobile devices. Custom solutions are also available for gender and age-specific communities worldwide.

EntreLaunch works directly with teens under the EntreLaunch Foundation (and other chapters) in schools and other organizations. It seeks out at-risk youth, students not headed for post-secondary school, and those who struggle in traditional education for one reason or another. These are our future entrepreneurs, and current programs focus largely on students in business programs heading to post-secondary schools.


EntreLaunch is an innovative startup that is building resilient entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs for the future. Its online pre-accelerator program and microfund platform provide young people with the resources they need to launch their ventures, while its Impact Cup program helps them develop the soft skills they need to succeed in any career. With a focus on social impact and accessibility, EntreLaunch is making entrepreneurship education available to everyone, regardless of their location or background.





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