Startup Showcase: Flybase – The Real-Time Application Platform for Fast and Powerful Development

Are you tired of spending hours setting up servers, configuring databases, and worrying about security and scalability every time you develop a new app? If so, Flybase might be the solution you need. Flybase is a Canadian-based startup that provides a real-time application platform for developers, helping them save time and focus on creating great user experiences.

Revolutionizing the Development Process

Flybase’s mission is to provide services that allow developers to focus on creating awesome user experiences. The startup eliminates the need for developers to set up a server, a database, or a development environment. Instead, developers can add the Flybase library to their apps to get access to a shared data structure, and any changes made to that data are automatically synchronized with the Flybase cloud and other clients within milliseconds.

Building Modern Applications with Just Frontend Code

One of the key features of Flybase is the ability to build fully-featured modern applications with just frontend code. Developers can save time by focusing on building a great frontend app, while Flybase handles the backend infrastructure. Flybase apps update in real-time out-of-the-box, interoperate well with existing services, and provide strong data security.

Scaling with Ease

Flybase makes scaling your application a breeze. With Flybase, developers do not need to worry about replication, backups, data centers, or availability. The platform automatically scales with you, ensuring that your application can handle any traffic spikes or increases in user demand.

An App Development Service by Developers, for Developers

Flybase was originally created by developers, for developers. The service is based on the day-to-day needs and experiences of the Flybase team, making it an app development service that truly understands the needs of developers. This approach allows Flybase to offer a unique set of features that simplify the development process, while still providing a powerful and flexible platform for creating great apps.


In conclusion, Flybase is an innovative Canadian startup that provides a real-time application platform for developers. The platform eliminates the need for developers to set up a server, a database, or a development environment, allowing them to focus on creating great user experiences. With Flybase, developers can build fully-featured modern applications with just frontend code, save time, scale with ease, and enjoy developing apps again. If you’re looking to simplify the development process and create great apps, Flybase is definitely worth considering.




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