Startup Showcase: PROtect – Empowering the Global Remote Workforce with Personal Safety Solutions

As the number of remote workers and business travelers continues to rise, ensuring the safety of employees has become increasingly challenging for businesses. This is where PROtect comes in. PROtect is a Canadian startup that provides enterprise personal safety solutions to empower the global remote workforce with white-labeled and API-integrated software. With its innovative platform and app, PROtect is changing the landscape of corporate responsibility on a global scale.

The Challenges of Ensuring Employee Safety in a Remote Workforce

As the traditional workplace becomes less common and remote work continues to grow, ensuring the safety of employees has become a significant challenge for businesses. This is especially true for those who travel to medium and high-risk locations. The current travel-risk-management strategies are not enough to manage the ever-increasing rise in traveling and remote workers. They are handled manually and coordinated across disparate systems, spreadsheets, and email, making it challenging to locate individual employees accurately in an event of an emergency.

The Consequences of Operational Failures Due to Inept Systems

Operational failures due to inadequate systems can lead to minor inconveniences, but they can also cause major catastrophes, including harm or death to employees, poor brand reputation, financial ramifications, eroding productivity, impaired organization, and legal liability. PROtect has recognized these challenges and has created a solution to provide companies with a tool to ensure the safety of their employees.

The Solution: My PROtect App

PROtect has developed a platform and app called My PROtect App, which empowers both corporate safety teams and individual employees with the ability to contact, locate, and initiate emergency response plans in real-time. The app provides real-time GPS location data for all employees who may face a safety risk. In addition, the app enables two-way communication during an emergency, creating active lines of communication to ensure that employees are safe.

The Benefits of My PROtect App

One of the main benefits of My PROtect App is the ability to account for any individual employee in real-time with accurate GPS coordinates. This makes it easy to create proactive safety mechanisms for the entire workforce. Additionally, the app allows for real-time communication between employees and safety teams, ensuring that everyone is on the same page during an emergency. The app is also designed to be white-labeled and API-integrated, making it easy for businesses to customize it to meet their specific needs.


In conclusion, PROtect is an innovative Canadian startup that provides personal safety solutions for the global remote workforce. The My PROtect App empowers both corporate safety teams and individual employees with the ability to contact, locate, and initiate emergency response plans in real-time. With its white-labeled and API-integrated software, PROtect provides businesses with a tool to ensure the safety of their employees, regardless of their location. If you’re looking for a personal safety solution for your remote workforce, My PROtect App is definitely worth considering.





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