Startup Showcase: Kognitiv Spark – Empowering Industrial Workers with Mixed Reality

Kognitiv Spark is a Canadian startup that develops practical, secure, and reliable Mixed Reality tools to empower industrial workers to achieve more, operate with confidence, and solve any problem quickly, safely, and accurately. Their flagship software, RemoteSpark, is an industrial-grade remote guidance tool that provides remote technicians with the support they need to complete any task, anywhere, at any time.

Revolutionizing Industrial Operations with Mixed Reality

The use of Mixed Reality tools in industrial operations is transforming the way workers perform their tasks. RemoteSpark is a Mixed Reality tool that empowers industrial workers to perform complex tasks with greater accuracy and speed. The tool enables remote technicians to communicate with subject matter experts through a secure, low-bandwidth audio/video connection. The experts can then deliver an assortment of holographic and step-by-step instructional assets to support the task, providing real-time guidance to the worker.

RemoteSpark has been used by organizations like the Royal Canadian Navy and Surepoint Group, allowing them to see what the remote technician sees, and drag and drop CAD assets, PDFs, or Microsoft Office documents into the worker’s field of view. This content appears as 3D holograms in the end-user’s real-world environment, making it easy to understand and execute.

Benefits of RemoteSpark

RemoteSpark operates in internet bandwidth conditions as low as 256kbps, making it accessible from anywhere, anytime. It also boasts industrial-grade security infrastructure and can accommodate organizations’ data governance policies, operating both in the cloud and on-premise. With RemoteSpark, industrial organizations can benefit from the following:

Reduce Unplanned Equipment Downtime: RemoteSpark allows technicians to perform tasks like system experts, reducing the time and costs associated with unplanned equipment downtime.

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer: Every RemoteSpark call is a one-on-one, on-the-job training session between a subject matter expert and a technician, facilitating knowledge transfer between the two.

Reduce Unplanned Expert Travel: RemoteSpark eliminates the need for experts to travel on-site to provide support, saving organizations time and money.

Improve Task Interpretation, Reduce Mental Fatigue: RemoteSpark makes task interpretation easy by converting task supporting assets into 3D, multi-step animated holograms that appear in the worker’s real-world environment, reducing the time required to interpret 2D instructions.

Partnered with Microsoft and HPE, Kognitiv Spark is committed to delivering practical, secure, and reliable Mixed Reality tools that empower industrial workers to achieve more. Their mission is to bring about a revolution in the way industrial operations are performed and to provide a safer, more efficient working environment for workers.


In conclusion, Kognitiv Spark’s RemoteSpark is a game-changing tool for industrial organizations looking to improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs associated with unplanned equipment downtime. RemoteSpark empowers remote technicians to complete complex tasks with greater accuracy and speed, and facilitates knowledge transfer between subject matter experts and technicians. With its industrial-grade security infrastructure and ability to operate both in the cloud and on-premise, RemoteSpark is an indispensable tool for the modern industrial workforce.





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