Startup Showcase: FlyEasy Corp – Revolutionizing Business Aviation through Innovative Air Charter Sales Tools and Platforms

FlyEasy Corp, a Toronto-based startup, is revolutionizing the business aviation industry with its air charter sales tools, private flight booking platform, and sub-charter network for air operators. With its cutting-edge technology, FlyEasy is making business aviation more efficient and affordable for both passengers and air operators.

Instant and Accurate Quotes with EasyQuote Agent

FlyEasy’s EasyQuote Agent provides air charter operators with accurate and instant one-way, round trip, and multi-leg quotes on their fleet of aircraft right on their website. The EasyQuote Agent allows operators to show off their aircraft fleet and get notified as soon as a customer is interested in a flight. Operators can receive instant email notifications with trip details and simply click reply to follow-up with the customer.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Empty Leg Alerts

FlyEasy’s Empty Leg Alerts feature allows customers to enter their email address, name, and cities of choice right on the operator’s website. Operators can manage their subscriber list in their admin tool and instantly send flights at the click of a button. Professional-looking emails are sent to subscribers with the operator’s company logo and contact information. This feature allows operators to stay ahead of the competition by providing customers with real-time information on empty legs.

Efficient Aircraft Fleet and Flight Inventory Management

FlyEasy’s aircraft fleet management tool allows operators to manage their fleet in one location and make changes to their aircraft on the fly. Operators can easily input aircraft pricing parameters, features, and home base, or leave it blank for a floating fleet. The tool also allows operators to customize their pricing by adding associated costs and testing price estimates using the quote calculator.

The flight inventory management tool allows operators to manage their empty legs, fixed-price one-ways, and standard charter flights in one place. Operators can use the unique empty leg flight entry system to quickly and easily manage their inventory and focus on closing the sale. The tool also allows operators to select the airports their aircraft can reposition to and reach more customers in different regions.

Private Flight Search and Booking Portal

FlyEasy’s private flight search and booking portal allows customers to search and compare empty legs, fixed-price one-ways, and standard charter flights. Customers can choose to reposition the aircraft to pickup and dropoff passengers from a list of airfields. The portal also allows operators to show off their aircraft features and artwork right before customers book their flight.

Expand Your Network with FlyEasy Network

FlyEasy’s network allows air charter operators to sub-charter or broker flights from other members on their site and to their customers. Operators can allow other members to promote their empty legs to their customers and access real-time accurate pricing. The network also allows operators to show off their fleet and empties on their professional-looking profile page.

FlyEasy Corp is transforming the business aviation industry with its innovative and efficient tools for air charter operators and private flight customers. The startup is making business aviation more accessible and affordable for everyone.





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