Startup Showcase: Essential Real Estate Partners – Investing in Canada’s off-market real estate opportunities

Essential Real Estate Partners is a Toronto-based real estate asset management firm specializing in commercial real estate and real estate investment. The company offers private partnerships in Canada and aims to generate strong risk-adjusted returns for its partners by utilizing its expertise in asset management and in-depth research and analysis of off-market real estate opportunities.

Off-market real estate opportunities

Essential Real Estate Partners’ investment strategy is deal-driven and focuses on sourcing off-market and below-value acquisitions. The company targets multi-residential, affordable housing, mixed-use, and development opportunities, and seeks to achieve significant refurbishment or repositioning of assets, as well as the development of purpose-built affordable housing. The company’s target return is a 20%+ IRR.

Transparent and professional

Essential Real Estate Partners takes pride in its transparent fund structure, which is externally audited, and offers a private investor portal that allows partners to view their holdings. The company also has a third-party administrator, which handles quarterly reporting and annual financial statements.

Experience and expertise

The combined experience of the partners at Essential Real Estate Partners is more than 95 years. The team has a demonstrated track record of success in investing and managing properties, which provides peace of mind to its partners.

Investing in private funds

Essential Real Estate Partners offers private partnerships to investors who commit discretionary investment capital to be deployed by the company’s General Partner. This investment model allows investors to take advantage of the company’s investment skills and flexibility, and to outsource the selecting, investing, and managing of properties to the fund manager, saving them time and effort.

Limited risk for investors

Investors who commit to Essential Real Estate Partners’ private partnerships have limited risk exposure. Their risk is limited to the capital they commit, and the company’s investment strategy is designed to generate strong risk-adjusted returns.


Essential Real Estate Partners is a unique company that offers its partners access to off-market real estate opportunities and private partnerships in Canada. The company’s investment strategy, expertise, and transparent fund structure make it an attractive option for investors seeking to generate strong risk-adjusted returns. Essential Real Estate Partners’ team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for its partners, and the company’s track record of success is a testament to its commitment to excellence in asset management.

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