Startup Showcase: Nextra’s “Whole Systems” Approach to Sustainable Energy

Revolutionizing the Energy Industry through Adaptive Engineering and Sustainable Materials

Nextra, a Toronto-based startup, is taking a whole systems approach to address one of the biggest global challenges of our time – sustainable energy. With a vision to revolutionize the energy industry through adaptive engineering and sustainable materials, Nextra has developed an innovative platform called the Nextra Passport that combines software, hardware, and a blockchain-based cloud to create a more efficient and sustainable energy storage system.

A Hybrid System for Sustainable Energy Storage

The Nextra Passport leverages the adaptive management of a “Whole Systems” approach that promotes the renewability and reusability of materials. It is a hybrid system that combines software and hardware to record and store data on a blockchain-based cloud, as well as battery/supercapacitor power storage. The platform closes the materials loop and reduces waste, promoting the renewability and reusability of materials.

Reshaping the Energy Storage Industry

The Nextra Passport helps reshape the current battery portfolio by promoting the usage and production of diverse Supercapacitors/Batteries other than lithium-based batteries. This helps increase the usage of sustainable supercapacitors/batteries. In addition, the Nextra Passport helps advance the innovations of power-storage systems through its ability to record and store processes from hardware components. Innovators and manufacturers in this field can better understand what is needed and how to create smart technologies in the energy sector.

Collaboration for Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Nextra Passport also brings together stakeholders in the supercapacitor and battery industry to collaborate and develop out-of-the-box solutions for the energy sector. By promoting sustainable materials and more efficient systems, the Nextra Passport helps to create a more sustainable future for the energy industry and the world.


Nextra is leading the way in the development of sustainable energy solutions through its whole systems approach and innovative platform, the Nextra Passport. The platform promotes the usage of sustainable materials, reduces waste, and helps reshape the current battery portfolio by promoting the usage of diverse supercapacitors/batteries. With the help of stakeholders in the energy industry, Nextra is creating a more sustainable future for the world.

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