Startup Showcase: Ethicann Pharmaceuticals – Revolutionizing Medicine with Ethical Cannabinoid-Based Drugs.

Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we shine a spotlight on innovative companies shaping the Canadian startup landscape. In this edition, we present Ethicann Pharmaceuticals, a Toronto-based startup that is transforming the pharmaceutical industry through the use of pharmaceutical-grade botanically sourced cannabinoid oils. Join us as we delve into the groundbreaking work of Ethicann and explore their mission to develop ethical drugs.

Empowering Medicine through Ethical Innovation

Ethicann Pharmaceuticals is a pioneering pharmaceutical company that harnesses the therapeutic potential of cannabinoid oils derived from botanical sources. With a strong focus on ethical practices and cutting-edge research, Ethicann aims to revolutionize medicine by developing advanced pharmaceutical drugs that address critical health issues.

The Birth of Ethicann Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 2018, Ethicann Pharmaceuticals emerged as a global pharma enterprise driven by visionary founders with extensive expertise in the Canadian and US pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. This unique combination of knowledge and experience allows Ethicann to navigate the complex landscape of pharmaceutical development while leveraging the potential of cannabinoid compounds.

A Trailblazing Journey

Over the past few years, Ethicann Pharmaceuticals has achieved significant milestones that have propelled the company towards its strategic goals. One notable accomplishment was the successful Pre-IND (Investigational New Drug) meeting held by Ethicann’s US subsidiary with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This milestone discussion revolved around the requirements for a marketing approval under the 505(b)(2) pathway for Ethicann’s flagship product, CAN-001, specifically formulated to alleviate chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

Advancing Research and Development

Building upon their promising progress, Ethicann is currently finalizing key development and manufacturing agreements with a licensed cannabis producer/extractor. This partnership will enable Ethicann Pharmaceuticals to obtain the necessary investigational pharmaceutical drugs for further research and development. By leveraging the expertise of industry leaders and forging strategic collaborations, Ethicann aims to accelerate the formulation of groundbreaking medicines that can positively impact the lives of countless individuals.

Ethicann Pharmaceuticals’ Vision for the Future

Ethicann Pharmaceuticals envisions a future where cannabinoid-based drugs play a vital role in revolutionizing healthcare. By utilizing their pharmaceutical-grade botanically sourced cannabinoid oils, Ethicann aims to unlock the therapeutic potential of these compounds, expanding treatment options and enhancing patient outcomes. With a focus on ethical practices, rigorous research, and compliance with regulatory standards, Ethicann Pharmaceuticals strives to lead the way in the development of safe and effective medicines.


Ethicann Pharmaceuticals represents a remarkable example of a Canadian startup making significant strides in the pharmaceutical industry. Through their innovative use of pharmaceutical-grade botanically sourced cannabinoid oils, Ethicann is poised to transform the way we approach medical treatments. As they forge ahead, driven by a commitment to ethical practices and groundbreaking research, Ethicann Pharmaceuticals is positioning itself as a key player in the development of novel and effective drugs.


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