Startup Showcase: Naiad Lab – Revolutionizes Healthcare with AI-Driven Remote Patient Monitoring

Connecting Healthcare Providers with Remote Patients.

Edmonton, Alberta – In this era of rapid technological advancements, Naiad Lab is at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). As a startup dedicated to improving patient care, Naiad Lab utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to connect healthcare providers with remote patients. Their innovative platform, MedROAD, is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered, ensuring convenient access to quality medical services while keeping patients and providers safe.

Redefining Remote Patient Monitoring with AI

Traditional telehealth applications have primarily focused on facilitating two-way communication between doctors and patients. However, Naiad Lab goes a step further with MedROAD, which combines health measurements, AI and machine learning (ML), advanced data analytics, and video conferencing to enable a comprehensive and meaningful consultation.

MedROAD: A Telemetry-Driven Solution

MedROAD leverages advanced medical devices and AI-driven analytics to remotely screen and monitor patients. By integrating medical devices, the platform collects real-time health measurements and transmits the data securely to healthcare providers. This telemetry-driven approach enables clinicians to have a detailed understanding of their patients’ conditions, even from a distance.

Empowering Healthcare Providers and Patients

Naiad Lab’s MedROAD empowers healthcare providers to continue delivering quality healthcare while mitigating the spread of illnesses. Through the platform, clinicians can conduct virtual consultations, review patient data, and make informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment plans. The AI and advanced data analytics incorporated into MedROAD detect anomalies in data, visualize patient conditions, and provide instant alerts, ensuring timely intervention when necessary.

A Game-Changer for Remote Healthcare

The benefits of Naiad Lab’s MedROAD extend beyond convenience. The platform provides a cost-efficient solution for remote patient monitoring, reducing the burden on healthcare facilities and minimizing unnecessary in-person visits. By optimizing the use of AI and ML algorithms, MedROAD enhances the accuracy of data interpretation, enabling healthcare providers to make precise clinical decisions. The integration of video conferencing further facilitates effective communication between doctors and patients, promoting personalized care and improving patient outcomes.

As healthcare systems worldwide face increasing challenges, Naiad Lab’s innovative approach is reshaping the future of healthcare delivery. By seamlessly integrating AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics into the remote patient monitoring process, MedROAD is revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided, making quality care accessible to all, regardless of geographical limitations.


Naiad Lab’s dedication to improving patient care through AI-driven remote patient monitoring sets them apart in the healthcare industry. MedROAD’s holistic approach, combining health measurements, AI and ML, advanced data analytics, and video conferencing, provides an efficient and effective solution for both healthcare providers and patients. With the ability to remotely screen and monitor patients, visualize patient conditions, and make informed decisions, Naiad Lab is shaping the future of healthcare by leveraging technology to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients.


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