Startup Showcase: Exagens – Transforming Digital Banking with Autonomous AI Assistants

Exagens is a Canadian startup based in Montréal, Quebec, that offers autonomous AI digital banking assistants with proven results increasing engagement, conversion rates, and retention while lowering support costs. The company’s Personal Banker is the industry’s only successful digital banking assistant focused on increasing conversions and cross-selling for the mutual benefit of banks and their retail and SMB clients.

Industry-Leading AI and Machine Learning Expertise

Located in Montreal, Canada, a world-leader in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the Exagens team of industry veterans, economists, psychologists, and technologists has cracked the code to dramatically increase engagement and conversions through digital channels. The company’s autonomous AI digital banking assistants leverage cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to deliver personalized experiences to customers.

Exagens’ team has a wealth of experience in the banking industry and deep knowledge of AI and machine learning. This expertise enables the company to provide innovative solutions that transform digital banking and improve the customer experience.

Personal Banker: Transforming Digital Banking

Exagens’ Personal Banker is an autonomous AI digital banking assistant that empathetically and automatically engages retail and business clients over time and circumstance to purchase additional products and services that meet their needs. The Personal Banker is capable of providing support, offering tips, and completing transactions.

The primary mission of the Personal Banker is to act as a digital banker, which engages clients in a personalized and empathetic manner, driving conversions and cross-selling. The Personal Banker is designed to seamlessly integrate into a bank or credit union’s existing digital channels, such as mobile banking apps and websites. The Personal Banker can be white-labeled, allowing banks and credit unions to customize the assistant’s appearance and voice to match their brand.

Seamless Integration and Measurable Financial Results

Exagens’ Personal Banker can be integrated seamlessly and contextually into a bank or credit union’s existing digital channels in weeks, with measurable financial results starting on day one. The Personal Banker is designed to reduce support costs and increase engagement, conversions, and retention.

For example, at Desjardins, the largest credit union in North America, new high-interest savings account openings increased 11x, and deposits 13x compared to the same 3-month period a year earlier without the Exagens Personal Banker. In less than a year, over 40,000 new retail and business accounts have been opened, with more than $300m deposited, with a 98% satisfaction rating, as a result of the autonomous Exagens white-label assistant.


Exagens is a Canadian startup that is transforming digital banking with its autonomous AI digital banking assistants. The company’s Personal Banker is designed to increase engagement, conversions, and retention while lowering support costs. Exagens’ industry-leading AI and machine learning expertise, as well as its focus on delivering personalized experiences to customers, set it apart from competitors. With measurable financial results starting on day one and seamless integration, the Exagens Personal Banker is a game-changer for the digital banking industry.





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