Startup Showcase: Well Massage – Bringing the Healing Power of Massage to Your Home

Well Massage is a Canadian startup based in Calgary, Alberta, that offers on-demand massage services and an app. The company is dedicated to bringing the healing power of massage to clients’ homes, making it convenient and easy for customers to book and enjoy a customized massage experience.

Founder’s Vision to Provide High-Quality Massage Services

Well Massage was founded by Derek De Leon, who has over 10 years of experience operating one of Calgary’s top day spas, Newbury Spa. Newbury Spa has been awarded the distinction of Calgary’s Top Day Spa in 2016 and 2015 by the Consumer’s Choice Award. Registered massage has been a core service offering for Newbury Spa – massage therapists at Newbury Spa have performed over 50,000 massages for clients since 2006.

Derek De Leon’s vision for Well Massage is to provide high-quality massage services to clients in the comfort of their own homes. He recognized the need for an on-demand massage service that could deliver professional massage services conveniently and easily.

Convenient and Customizable On-Demand Massage

Well Massage offers massage modalities, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal, as well as Couples Massage and back-to-back massages for small groups. The company allows clients to book a customized experience to meet their wellness and relaxation needs.

Using the Well Massage app, clients can book a massage in just a few taps. They can choose the type of massage they want, the duration of the massage, and the time and date that works best for them. The app also allows clients to track their therapist’s location and estimated arrival time, making it easy to plan their day around their massage.

Opportunity for Massage Therapists to Earn More and Become Owners

Well Massage enables registered massage therapists across Canada to earn 2x-3x more per hour than the industry standard. The company provides an opportunity for massage therapists to work when they want and earn what they’re worth. Well Massage also prioritizes the safety of their therapists by conducting background checks, providing insurance coverage, and using a rating system to ensure a positive experience for both clients and therapists.

Massage therapists who join the Well Massage Network also have the opportunity to become owners in Well Massage Inc. This provides an added incentive for therapists to provide high-quality service and build a loyal customer base.


Well Massage is a Canadian startup that is transforming the massage industry with its on-demand massage services and app. The company’s focus on high-quality service, convenience, and customization sets it apart from competitors. With the opportunity for massage therapists to earn more and become owners, Well Massage is changing the game for both clients and therapists.


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