Startup Showcase: Forex Fury – The Most Consistent Autotrading System in Forex

Forex Fury, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has established itself as one of the best forex robots in the market. Since its inception in 2014, this program has outlasted thousands of competitors and now sits at the top, as the most consistent autotrading system in Forex. In this startup showcase, we will dive deeper into what makes Forex Fury stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Most Transparent Forex Robot in the Market

One of the key things that make Forex Fury stand out is their commitment to transparency. Unlike most vendors in the forex market, the Fury team avoids using screen shots, back tests, or any other trading result that can be easily manipulated. Instead, they rely on verified Myfxbook accounts, which show just how profitable the product can be. This level of transparency is critical, and it is something that every vendor in the forex market should strive to achieve.

The Importance of Consistency

Another crucial aspect of Forex Fury is its consistency. The software is backed by thousands of active clients, and it has undergone over 20 updates since its release. This level of dedication ensures that their clients are always ahead of the market, and it also speaks to the level of commitment that the Fury team has to their product. Consistency is key in forex trading, and Forex Fury delivers on this promise.

A Unique Scalping Strategy

Forex Fury utilizes a time-restricted scalping approach that is very complex. While most scalping systems will try to trade 24 hours a day, the Fury EA will analyze the market for 23 hours a day, and then determine if there are valid trade setups 1 hour per day. Once those trades are opened, they will stay open until the trade is finished. This can be inside the hour or outside the hour. Regardless, the strategy is very specific, and the methodology is quite valuable, as there is nothing else like it in the forex marketplace.

Valuable Resources for Traders

At Forex Fury, they believe in the value of testing and continually updating their clients on the latest information. They frequently update their blog with different success guides to help traders get the most out of the product. They advise their clients to run multiple demo accounts, to find the approach that suits them and their broker before going live. Forex Fury understands that it takes time and effort to succeed in the forex market, and they are committed to supporting their clients throughout their trading journey.


In conclusion, Forex Fury is a leading forex robot that offers its clients transparency, consistency, and a unique scalping strategy. Their dedication to providing valuable resources to their clients is a testament to their commitment to supporting their clients throughout their trading journey. If you are looking for a reliable and consistent forex robot, Forex Fury is an excellent choice.





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