Startup Showcase: Talem AI – Using AI to Predict Human Body Damage in Car Accidents

Talem AI, located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, is an artificial intelligence company focused on crash, injury, and billing analysis within auto claims. Their core mission is to develop novel, value-add solutions for insurers surrounding the prediction, treatment, payment, and adjudication of claims involving bodily injuries. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Talem AI is revolutionizing the insurance industry by predicting human body damage in car accidents.

Predicting Human Body Damage in Car Accidents

One of the key features of Talem AI’s platform is the ability to analyze photos of vehicles post-accident and deliver predictions related to the impact, forces, and damage to the human body – rather than the vehicle. This approach provides a fundamental shift to earlier, more proactive management and data-driven insights, which has proven to be successful. Insurers typically do not have a solid grasp of injuries until late in the claim lifecycle, leading to increased claim and operational costs, a growing number of open claims, and a higher likelihood of undetected fraud. Talem AI’s approach provides a solution to these problems by predicting human body damage in car accidents and providing insights earlier in the claim lifecycle.

The Benefits of Talem AI’s Platform

Talem AI’s platform has demonstrated a reduction of up to 90% in service referral time, a 50% reduction of adjuster handle time for medical bill processes, greater than 500k annual handle time savings, and an indication of 50% savings on services with a Talem subscription vs traditional transactional approach. These benefits are achieved by providing faster and more accurate injury detection, allowing adjusters to make informed decisions from day one, reducing the time and costs associated with injury management, and reducing the likelihood of undetected fraud.

An Experienced Team of Experts

Talem AI has assembled a team of experts in injury science, technology, and insurance operations to execute on their vision. Their team members have, on average, twenty years of experience in the management of automotive injuries, medical claims management, end-to-end insurance services and operations, occupant kinematics, injury causation and rehabilitation, and highly sophisticated data & analytics tools and methods, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition (O/ICR). This level of expertise ensures that Talem AI’s platform is designed to deliver maximum value to insurers and their clients.


In conclusion, Talem AI is an artificial intelligence company that is revolutionizing the insurance industry by predicting human body damage in car accidents. Their data-driven approach provides earlier and more proactive injury management, faster and more accurate injury detection, and reduced costs associated with injury management. With an experienced team of experts, Talem AI is poised to make a significant impact in the insurance industry.


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