Startup Showcase: MetaVRse – Building the Future of 3D Creation

MetaVRse is a Toronto-based startup that has developed a low-code, real-time 3D creation platform for the future of human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce. With a mission of “Metaverse Creation for Everyone,” MetaVRse aims to democratize the creation of 3D experiences and metaverse worlds for global enterprise clients. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at what MetaVRse has to offer.

Low-Code, Web-Based 3D Creation Platform

MetaVRse’s platform is 100% web-based and requires no specialized skills, making it accessible to everyone. The platform was built to create 3D experiences and metaverse worlds 10X faster than the incumbent tools through a low-code approach. It is currently the only web-searchable metaverse creation platform in the world.

The platform is also device/browser/OS agnostic and bypasses the App Stores, eliminating the 30% tax that developers have to pay. Moreover, a powerful one-click instant publish makes MetaVRse experiences available for use on more than 7 billion compatible devices without requiring separate builds for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and proprietary systems.

Real-Time 3D GIT Repository System

MetaVRse offers synchronous and asynchronous multi-editor capabilities with a world-first real-time 3D GIT repository system. This allows teams to work on the same project simultaneously and merge their changes in real-time, streamlining the collaboration process.

Enterprise-Grade Privacy and Security

The Editor also includes enterprise-grade features focused on privacy and security, including role-based access control, encrypted data storage, and data residency options. MetaVRse’s platform also seamlessly integrates into legacy systems such as Business Intelligence Tools, Content Management, Learning Management, On-premises Cloud Infrastructure, and more.

Empowering the Future of Human Communication, Collaboration, Culture, and Commerce

MetaVRse’s low-code, web-based 3D creation platform is designed to empower the future of human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce. The platform allows enterprise clients to create immersive 3D experiences and metaverse worlds that can be used for a wide range of applications, including training, marketing, and retail.

MetaVRse’s platform is also designed to be accessible to everyone, with no specialized skills required. This makes it possible for anyone to create and share their own 3D experiences and metaverse worlds, unlocking new opportunities for creativity, expression, and collaboration.


MetaVRse is a Toronto-based startup that is building the future of 3D creation with its low-code, web-based platform. The platform is designed to democratize the creation of 3D experiences and metaverse worlds for global enterprise clients, empowering the future of human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce.





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