Toronto’s Top 15 FinTech Startups: Who Will Disrupt the Industry Next

From cryptocurrency trading platforms to AI-driven investment strategies, Toronto is home to a diverse and innovative group of FinTech startups. In this article, we will highlight 15 of the most interesting and exciting FinTech startups in Toronto.

Peggy: The Secure Marketplace for Investment Grade Art

Peggy is a secure marketplace that enables buying and selling of investment-grade art. Founded by Adam Meghji and Craig Follett, Peggy leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions and authentication of artwork. Peggy aims to democratize the art market by allowing more people to invest in high-quality artwork.

Delphia: AI Investment Strategy for Everyone

Delphia is a FinTech startup that builds AI-driven investment strategies to help people improve their financial data. Founded by Andrew Peek, Cameron Westland, and Clifton van der Linden, Delphia uses machine learning and advanced analytics to help people make informed investment decisions.

Float: Corporate Card and Spend Management Solution

Float is a FinTech startup that provides corporate card and spend management solutions. Griffin Keglevich, Rob Khazzam, and Ruslan Nikolaev founded Float with the goal of helping businesses manage their expenses more efficiently. Float’s solution includes corporate cards, reimbursements, approvals, and invoices management.

Uplinq: Global Credit Assessment & Scoring Platform for Small Business Lenders

Uplinq is a global credit assessment and scoring platform for small business lenders. Founded by Patrick Reily and Ron Benegbi, Uplinq uses advanced analytics to assess creditworthiness and provide credit scores for small businesses. Uplinq’s platform aims to improve access to credit for small businesses and drive economic growth. Instant Cryptocurrency Trading Platform is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum instantly from their mobile devices or web apps. Dustin Walper, Erynn Saunders, and Tyson Leslie founded with the goal of making cryptocurrency trading more accessible and user-friendly.

Ledn: Financial Products for Digital Asset Savings

Ledn is a FinTech startup that builds financial products to help more people save in digital assets. Adam Reeds and Mauricio Di Bartolomeo founded Ledn with the mission of creating innovative financial solutions for the digital asset economy. Ledn’s products include Bitcoin-backed loans and digital asset savings accounts.

Buckzy Payments: Cross-Border Real-Time Payments and

Banking-as-a-Service Buckzy Payments is a FinTech startup that enables cross-border real-time payments and banking-as-a-service. Abdul Naushad founded Buckzy Payments with the goal of simplifying cross-border payments and reducing transaction costs. Buckzy Payments’ platform supports over 180 countries and 130 currencies.

Firefly Exchange: Decentralized Orderbook-Based

Exchange with Sub-Second Trade Settlement Firefly Exchange is a decentralized, orderbook-based exchange with sub-second trade settlement. Nikodem Grzesiak and Zabi Mohebzada founded Firefly Exchange with the goal of providing a more secure and transparent trading experience. Firefly Exchange’s platform supports a variety of digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Lemonade Finance: Digital Bank for Africans Abroad

Lemonade Finance is a digital bank that enables Africans abroad to send and receive money within minutes. Olalere Ridwan and Rian Cochran founded Lemonade Finance with the mission of improving access to financial services for African immigrants. Lemonade Finance’s platform supports transactions in multiple currencies.

Railz: Single API for Small Business Accounting Software Integration

Railz is a FinTech startup that provides a single API for integrating with the majority of accounting software service providers used by small businesses. Derek Manuge, Ron Benegbi, and Sohaib Zahid founded Railz with the goal of simplifying accounting software integration for small businesses. Railz’s platform automates accounting workflows and provides real-time financial data.

Composer: Automated Investment Strategy Management Without Coding

Composer is a FinTech startup that allows users to build, test, and manage automated investment strategies without writing a line of code. Ananda Aisola and Benjamin Paul Rollert founded Composer with the goal of making algorithmic investing more accessible. Composer’s platform leverages machine learning to optimize investment strategies.

Caary: Digital Credit, Lending, and Payments Platform for Corporations

Caary is a digital credit, lending, and payments platform that offers a corporate credit card and financial management solution. Jason Sawyer and Steve Apostolopoulos founded Caary with the goal of simplifying corporate finance. Caary’s platform includes spend management tools, automated expense reports, and customizable approval workflows.

Aya: Healthcare Payment Tools and Programs for Employee Benefits Packages

Aya is a healthcare startup that builds payment tools and programs for employee benefits packages. Chanddeep Madaan and Joanna Armatys founded Aya with the goal of simplifying healthcare payments and improving access to care. Aya’s platform supports a variety of payment methods, including direct billing and point-of-service payments.

CapIntel: Investment Sales Platform for Financial Advisors and Asset Management Sales Teams

CapIntel is an investment sales platform used by thousands of financial advisors and asset management sales teams in North America. James Rockwood, Maxim Moreau, and Rob Crnkovic founded CapIntel with the goal of streamlining investment product sales. CapIntel’s platform provides real-time analytics and customizable product comparison tools.

QuadFi: Fair and Affordable Loans for Underserved Credit Groups

QuadFi is a FinTech firm that provides fair and affordable loans to underserved credit groups. Manny Nikjoo founded QuadFi with the goal of addressing financial inclusion challenges in the education sector. QuadFi’s platform uses innovative risk assessment techniques to provide loans to students and recent graduates.


Toronto’s FinTech ecosystem is vibrant and diverse, and these 15 startups represent some of the most innovative and exciting players in the space. Whether you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, AI-driven investment strategies, or cross-border payments, Toronto has a startup that can meet your needs. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to grow and innovate in the ever-evolving FinTech landscape.

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