Startup Showcase: – An AI App for Detecting and Managing Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be challenging to detect and manage depression, and this is where comes in. is an artificial intelligence platform built to help people who battle depression better detect, manage, and ultimately predict depressive episodes.

Detecting Depression with Artificial Intelligence is the first evidence-based mobile application to detect depression without any user interaction. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from the user’s smartphone, such as usage patterns, social media activity, and movement.

Built by world-class doctors and data scientists, can detect depressive episodes with 92% accuracy. The app will send notifications to the user when it detects early symptoms of depression, such as changes in behavior, sleep patterns, and communication.

Managing Depression with Personalized Moodboards

Once detects a depressive episode, the user will be notified, and they can see the change on their personalized moodboard. The moodboard displays the user’s mood over time, and it can help the user and their healthcare provider track the progression of their depression. also proactively communicates with the user’s predefined Circle of Trust to let them know about a negative change in mood state. The Circle of Trust is a group of people the user trusts and has designated to be notified if they are in a depressive episode. This feature provides support and assistance to the user when they need it the most.

Predicting Depression for Better Outcomes’s early detection of depression may eventually lead to the avoidance of an episode or the shortening of an episode’s duration and severity. By analyzing data from the user’s smartphone, can predict when a depressive episode may occur. This feature can help the user take preventive measures to manage their depression proactively.

Conclusion is an innovative app that provides valuable assistance to those who suffer from depression. With its artificial intelligence technology, can detect depressive episodes, manage them, and even predict them for better outcomes. This app has the potential to change the way we diagnose and manage depression and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.




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