Startup Showcase: Wave9 Technology – Automating Production Site and Facility Inspection Processes

Wave9 Technology is a startup based in Regina, Saskatchewan, that offers a platform consisting of software and hardware to automate production site and facility inspection processes. The company’s goal is to help conventional oil producers improve production, reduce operating expenses, and mitigate environmental impact by automating daily site inspections using their purpose-built technology platform, coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Purpose-Built Technology Platform

Wave9 Technology’s solution consists of a hardware package that provides visual access to the wellhead, sensors tracking key operating parameters, and analytics software that processes and filters this information. The software platform is built to prioritize interventions and feeds the ‘right info at the right time’ to the operator.

The combination of these features and abilities allows a significant reduction in human cost of operation as well as operational risks. The platform is designed to be self-powered and extremely simple to install and use, eliminating the need for an electrician and operational shutdown during package installation. This further improves the economics of deployment.

Automated Daily Site Inspections

Wave9 Technology’s monitoring system provides maintenance staff with a workflow dashboard that prioritizes interventions and alerts operators to certain conditions. The system automatically informs lease operators or pumpers of issues, reducing site visits and allowing management by exception.

The automation of daily site inspections allows conventional oil producers to improve production, reduce operating expenses, and mitigate environmental impact. By automating daily site inspections, Wave9 Technology helps companies save time, money, and resources while reducing their impact on the environment.

Purpose-Built Technology Platform with AI

Wave9 Technology’s platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which helps companies make more informed decisions. The platform’s AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, identifying trends, patterns, and anomalies that are difficult or impossible for humans to detect.

By integrating AI into their technology platform, Wave9 Technology is helping conventional oil producers to make better, more informed decisions that lead to improved production, reduced operating expenses, and less environmental impact.


Wave9 Technology is a startup that is revolutionizing the way conventional oil producers manage their daily site inspections. By automating these processes with their purpose-built technology platform, the company is helping producers improve production, reduce operating expenses, and mitigate environmental impact.



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