Startup Showcase: Optical Illusion Museum – Step Into a World of 3D Illusions

Optical Illusion Museum, a Vancouver-based startup, is set to take the art world by storm with its unique concept of 3D art gallery museums. Inspired by similar 3D art gallery museums in Asia, the Optical Illusion Museum is a three-dimensional (3D) art gallery museum that uses trompe l’oeil, a French term for a visual illusion in art, to trick the eye into perceiving a painting or design as a 3D object. With its focus on local culture and cityscape, the museum is set to offer locals and tourists alike a unique and immersive art experience that will leave them in awe.

Trompe l’oeil Art: Trick the Eye into Seeing 3D

Trompe l’oeil art is a unique style that has been used for centuries to create the illusion of three-dimensionality in two-dimensional artwork. The Optical Illusion Museum utilizes this style to create a range of immersive and interactive art pieces that visitors can touch, pose with, and take photographs of. Local artists are commissioned to create the pieces, which focus on local culture and cityscape, giving visitors a chance to experience Vancouver’s unique flavor through art. Visitors are given instructions on how to view and photograph the optical illusions as intended, ensuring that they get the full experience.

AR Art: Augmented Reality Meets Art

In addition to the 3D art pieces, the Optical Illusion Museum also utilizes augmented reality (AR) to enhance the immersive art experience. AR technology is used to animate the art, making it even more interactive and engaging. Visitors can watch as the art comes to life, creating a truly unique and futuristic art gallery experience.

“Be a Part of the Art”: Interactivity and Fun

At Optical Illusion Museum, the focus is not just on viewing the art but also on interacting with it. Unlike most art galleries, visitors are encouraged to touch and pose with the exhibits and take photos of themselves with the creative and fun art pieces. The museum’s slogan “Be a Part of the Art” reflects this approach, enticing visitors to step into a world of 3D illusions and become a part of the experience.

Camera-Related Products: A Perfect Souvenir

To enhance the experience even further, Optical Illusion Museum offers a range of camera-related products for sale, including selfie sticks, tripods, cameras, and phone cases. Visitors can take home a unique souvenir of their visit to the museum, allowing them to relive the experience and share it with others.


Optical Illusion Museum is a fresh and exciting addition to Vancouver’s entertainment scene, offering a unique and immersive art experience that is sure to be a hit with locals and tourists alike. With its focus on local culture and cityscape, combined with the use of trompe l’oeil and AR technology, the museum offers a truly unique and futuristic art gallery experience.


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