Startup Showcase: TAMVOES Health – Empowering Individuals with Information for Better Wellness

In a world where information is king, access to vital information can be the difference between feeling in control and feeling lost. TAMVOES Health, a digital wellness and health platform based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is on a mission to empower individuals with their information. TAMVOES Health believes that having access to all aspects of an individual’s life, including legal, medical, and financial, is key to better control of one’s life and improving holistic wellness.

Founded in the winter of 2019, TAMVOES Health was born out of shared conversations of the frustrations and dysfunctionality of loved ones’ journeys in the healthcare industry. When caring for dependents like an older parent, important information is often not easily accessible. Information is often kept by professionals and not made easily available to individuals. Seniors are often required to visit multiple care providers and have to repeat their story multiple times, leading to a frustrating process where crucial information regarding their care is often left out.

TAMVOES Health was founded with the principle of empowering individuals with their information. By consolidating important information all in one place, the platform makes it easy to share information with the many different professionals in an individual’s life from one secure location. The platform officially launched in May 2020 with features such as the Journal, Health Summary, and My Team available to users. However, TAMVOES Health sees this as just the start of its journey, with features such as the Personal Data Trust, Calendar, and a professional version of the site coming soon.

Journal Feature: Keeping Track of Vital Information

The Journal feature is a game-changer for individuals looking to stay on top of their health and wellness. Users can record and track vital health information such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and medication schedules. The Journal feature also provides an easy way to store and share notes about an individual’s health journey, making it easier to communicate with healthcare providers and caregivers.

Health Summary Feature: A Comprehensive Overview of Health

The Health Summary feature is a comprehensive overview of an individual’s health journey. It includes a summary of medical history, including allergies, immunizations, and chronic conditions. The Health Summary feature also includes information about an individual’s insurance coverage, emergency contacts, and other essential information that can be vital in emergency situations.

My Team Feature: A Secure Space for Sharing Information

The My Team feature is a secure space for individuals to share vital information with healthcare providers and caregivers. Users can invite healthcare providers and caregivers to join their team, giving them access to vital information about an individual’s health journey. This feature makes it easy for healthcare providers and caregivers to communicate with each other, ensuring that important information is not lost in the shuffle.


TAMVOES Health believes that access to information is the key to better wellness. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for individuals to take control of their health journey by consolidating important information all in one secure location. With more features on the horizon, TAMVOES Health is set to become a one-stop-shop for individuals looking to stay on top of their health and wellness.


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