Startup Showcase: Planet of the Vapes – Your Trusted Online Vape Store in Edmonton

Looking for the best vape store in Edmonton that offers a vast selection of e-cigarettes and e-juice? Look no further than Planet of the Vapes! Established in 2014, Planet of the Vapes is a local online vape shop that provides world-class customer service and a broad range of vape products to help adults quit smoking and prevent youth access to vaping products. With hundreds of the best vape flavors and the latest vape mods, vape pods, vape coils, vape tanks, e-cigs, and dab pens, Planet of the Vapes is your one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs.

A Wide Range of Vape Products

Planet of the Vapes prides itself on carrying only the best vape products, including the latest e-juice flavors in nicotine salt and freebase, the best vape mods, the best vape pods, the best vape coils, the best vape tanks, and the best dab pens. Our expert staff tastes and tests every e-liquid flavor, ensuring that we only stock the best products. Our one-on-one customer service ensures that you get personalized attention and support when you shop with us.

World-Class Customer Service

At Planet of the Vapes, we believe that vaping should be easy and accessible for adults who wish to quit smoking. That’s why we provide world-class customer service to help you find the best vape products for your needs. Whether you’re an old pro at vaping or new to the scene, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you every step of the way. We do one-on-one customer service, so you’re never just a number to us.

Convenient Shopping Options

Planet of the Vapes makes it easy to shop for the best vape products online or in-store. Our physical Edmonton ecig store is open early every morning and late every night, even on holidays. And, as late as midnight, our online vape store has real people helping you shop online from the comfort of your home. We offer curbside pickup and Canada-wide shipping to make it easy for you to get the products you need.


If you’re looking for the best vape store in Edmonton, look no further than Planet of the Vapes. With a wide range of vape products, world-class customer service, and convenient shopping options, we’re your trusted online vape store in Edmonton. Visit our website or follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our latest products and promotions.





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