Startup Showcase: Rsquare Ventures – Investing in Early-Stage Technologies with Global Connections

Are you an early-stage technology startup looking for investment and advisory services? Look no further than Rsquare Ventures! Co-headquartered in Mexico City and Montreal, Rsquare Ventures is a family office with a strong interest in cloud-based technologies and a focus on media, entertainment, telecoms, health & well-being, green, and logistics. With a worldwide network of connections and a seasoned team of executives and venture advisors, Rsquare Ventures provides the expertise and support early-stage startups need to succeed.

A Nimble and Seasoned Team of Executives and Venture Advisors

At Rsquare Ventures, our team of executives and venture advisors bring a wealth of experience to the table. We have a deep understanding of the workings of novel and disruptive technologies, and we are poised to take minority equity positions in companies with stellar teams already on board. We like to dig deep in understanding the technologies we invest in, and we have a strong expertise in LATAM focused businesses. Our deal flow is considerable by virtue of our worldwide network of connections and our active participation in various investor groups, including our senior roles in the World Business Angel Investment Forum.

Investment and Advisory Services for Early-Stage Startups

Rsquare Ventures is passionate about supporting early-stage startups in their quest to bring new technologies to market. Our portfolio diversification strategy includes angel and early stage investment in a variety of industries, including media, entertainment, telecoms, health & well-being, green, and logistics. In addition to investment, we also provide advisory services through our Ramos Ventures Advisory unit. We work closely with startups to help them achieve performance milestones and disburse investments based on their achievement.

Focus on Cloud-Based Entertainment

One area that Rsquare Ventures is particularly interested in is cloud-based entertainment. With the growth of streaming platforms and the increasing demand for online content, cloud-based entertainment has become a rapidly growing market. Montreal, where Rsquare Ventures is co-headquartered, boasts a deep talent pool in technology (gaming and AI in particular) and offers enticing tax advantages, making it an ideal location for startups in this industry.

Invest with Rsquare Ventures Today

If you’re an early-stage startup looking for investment and advisory services, Rsquare Ventures is here to help. With our nimble and seasoned team of executives and venture advisors, we provide the expertise and support you need to succeed. Visit our website to learn more about our investment and advisory services and to get in touch with us today.



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