Startup Showcase: SmartPlant AI – Revolutionizing Plant Analysis and Empowering Smallholders

Empowering Smallholders with AI & Machine Learning.

Welcome to the Startup Showcase, where we bring you the most innovative and promising startups from across Canada. In this edition, we are thrilled to present SmartPlant AI, a groundbreaking company based in Quebec, Quebec, that is revolutionizing plant analysis and empowering smallholders through the use of AI and machine learning. Join us as we explore how SmartPlant AI is tackling the pressing challenges faced by farmers in West Africa and beyond.

Addressing Food Insecurity through Innovative Technology

The pressing issue of food insecurity affects more than 40 million people in West Africa, primarily caused by poor harvests resulting from diseases, limited access to agricultural engineers, and a lack of financial resources. In order to combat these challenges, accurate and timely disease diagnosis is crucial. SmartPlant AI recognizes the importance of this aspect and is committed to providing farmers with the necessary tools for disease prevention and access to micro-loans.

Revolutionizing Plant Analysis with AI & Machine Learning

SmartPlant AI is developing a cutting-edge digital mobile application powered by AI and machine learning algorithms. This innovative solution facilitates plant analysis by empowering farmers with accurate disease diagnosis and prevention methods. By leveraging advanced technologies, SmartPlant AI is reducing the risks associated with misdiagnosis, saving valuable time and money for farmers.

The application utilizes AI algorithms trained on vast datasets, enabling it to identify and diagnose diseases with remarkable precision. With just a simple scan of a plant leaf, farmers can receive real-time analysis and recommendations for effective disease control measures. This technology empowers farmers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about crop management, leading to increased productivity and reduced losses.

Access to Micro-loans for Local Smallholders

In addition to plant analysis and disease prevention, SmartPlant AI aims to bridge the financial gap faced by smallholders in accessing necessary resources. Through their mobile application, farmers can also apply for micro-loans tailored to their specific needs. By utilizing AI algorithms to assess creditworthiness, SmartPlant AI streamlines the loan application process and provides farmers with access to financial resources that can significantly impact their agricultural practices.

A Vision for the Future

SmartPlant AI’s vision extends far beyond revolutionizing plant analysis and providing micro-loans. They aspire to become an essential partner for over 3 billion smallholders across Africa. By empowering farmers with cutting-edge technology and knowledge, SmartPlant AI aims to improve agricultural practices, increase crop yields, and ultimately contribute to the alleviation of food insecurity.

Furthermore, SmartPlant AI is committed to creating job opportunities in Africa. Their ambitious goal is to generate over 10,000 jobs across the continent, fostering economic growth and sustainable development.


SmartPlant AI is leading the way in leveraging AI and machine learning to address the pressing challenges faced by smallholder farmers. Through their digital mobile application, farmers gain access to accurate plant analysis, disease prevention methods, and micro-loans, empowering them to make informed decisions and improve their agricultural practices. With their vision of becoming a crucial partner for millions of smallholders and creating thousands of jobs across Africa, SmartPlant AI is poised to make a significant impact in the fight against food insecurity.


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