The Future of Commerce: 15 Marketplace Startups Making Waves in Canada

Marketplaces have revolutionized the way we conduct business and interact with goods and services. In Canada, there is no shortage of innovative startups that are leveraging technology to bring value to consumers and disrupt traditional industries. Here are 15 marketplace startups in Canada that are worth keeping an eye on:


Peggy is a secure marketplace for buying and selling investment-grade art. Founded by Adam Meghji and Craig Follett, Peggy is leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent and efficient platform for art collectors and investors.


Cookin is a homemade food delivery marketplace where people can find home-cooked meals and have them delivered to their doors. Founded by Michael Baruch, Morley Ivers, and Philip Yuzpe, Cookin is catering to the growing demand for healthy and affordable meals.


Vetster is the largest and fastest-growing marketplace of veterinary professionals for telemedicine and telehealth appointments. Founded by Mark Bordo and Regan Johnson, Vetster is enabling pet owners to access quality veterinary care from the comfort of their homes.


Haletale offers effective co-living management solutions for landlords by generating higher income from their property and renting out faster. Founded by Anashwar Parayil and Mohammed Roshan PT, Haletale is simplifying the property management process for landlords.


TRADE X offers dealers an interactive global automotive trading platform. Founded by Hunter Lee Soik and Ryan Davidson, TRADE X is revolutionizing the way dealers buy and sell cars.


Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace serving 40,000 merchants. Founded by Saba Mohebpour and Tom Hansen, Spocket is enabling entrepreneurs to start their own e-commerce businesses without holding inventory.


Axya provides an easy-to-use marketplace that standardizes and centralizes the subcontracting process. Founded by Félix Bélisle-Dockrill and Nicolas Gauthier, Axya is streamlining the industrial automation and manufacturing industries.


Billdr is making home renovations simple, transparent, and efficient. Founded by Bertrand Nembot, François Jullien, and Hugo Piso, Billdr is modernizing the construction industry by providing an end-to-end solution for homeowners.


Rebelstork is enabling the buying and selling of overstock, open-boxed, and used baby gear at a reduced price. Founded by Emily Hosie, Rebelstork is providing parents with an affordable and sustainable solution for baby gear.

Rocket Doctor

Rocket Doctor is a telemedicine marketplace that enables physicians to bring an advanced doctor’s office directly to patients’ homes. Founded by Adam Teitelman, Harry Cherniak, and Justin Losier, Rocket Doctor is bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals.


REITIUM is a blockchain real estate marketplace that allows anyone to become a real estate investor for as little as $100. Founded by Laura Fortey, Michael Moll, and Thomas Park, REITIUM is democratizing real estate investing.

Vejii Holdings

Vejii Holdings owns and operates, a digital marketplace for plant-based and sustainable living products and brands. Founded by Darren Gill and Kory Zelickson, Vejii Holdings is catering to the growing demand for environmentally friendly and plant-based products.


Wavy is helping companies create amazing company culture, wherever their people are. Founded by Neshay Ahmed, Peter Kotzeff, and Shawn Hewat, Wavy is empowering organizations to build strong and engaged remote teams.


Workwolf is a SaaS marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to provide HR solutions for the job market. Founded by Dan Shea, Erik Simins, and Ron Leith, Workwolf is streamlining the job search process by verifying job candidates’ credentials and qualifications.


Lawbrokr provides a solution for lawyers with templated storefronts, helping to convert and pre-qualify prospective clients through one dedicated link. Founded by Daniel Steinberg and James Ziavras, Lawbrokr is providing lawyers with an innovative platform to market their services.


These 15 marketplace startups are just a few examples of the innovative and disruptive startups in Canada that are leveraging technology to bring value to consumers and transform traditional industries. From art and food to healthcare and real estate, these startups are changing the game and driving innovation in their respective industries. As the Canadian startup ecosystem continues to grow, we can expect to see even more exciting marketplace startups emerging in the coming years.

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