Unlocking the Power of Data: Meet 15 Cutting-Edge SaaS Startups in Ontario

Ontario is a hotbed for startups and is home to many innovative companies that offer SaaS solutions across different industries. Here are 15 exciting SaaS startups in Ontario that are transforming their industries and disrupting traditional ways of doing things.


Bettermode is a powerful community platform that helps businesses increase user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. The platform is integrated into your product, making it easy to use and implement.

Cognota (formerly Synapse)

Cognota is the first and only operations platform for Learning and Development teams. It offers collaboration, e-learning, enterprise software, and training solutions to help teams work smarter and more efficiently.


BluWave-ai is a SaaS-based grid energy optimization platform that helps organizations make more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy decisions. It offers solutions for electrical distribution, fleet management, machine learning, mining, renewable energy, solar, wind energy, and more.


Integrate.ai is a SaaS startup that helps developers build machine learning and analytics products across distributed data silos. The platform is focused on enabling businesses to leverage data to make better decisions.

Fluence Technologies

Fluence is the only financial close and consolidation software for mid-sized companies. The platform offers accounting, cloud management, financial services, and software solutions to help businesses grow and succeed.


Haloo offers Heirlume, a trademarking platform that aims to make the complex process of trademarking faster, more accurate, and more affordable. The platform uses blockchain technology to provide secure and transparent solutions.

Feroot Security

Feroot Security is a cybersecurity platform that protects the client-side JavaScript code of web applications against client-side attacks and compliance violations. The platform offers enterprise software and SaaS solutions to help businesses stay secure.


Openscreen is a contactless customer engagement and commerce layer for the internet. The platform offers SaaS and software solutions to help businesses engage customers and drive sales.


BoomerangFX is a medically-focused SaaS company that offers innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. The platform is designed to help healthcare providers and patients access the care they need more easily and efficiently.


Wavy is a B2B human resources and marketplace SaaS platform that helps companies create amazing company culture, wherever their people are. The platform is designed to help businesses optimize their human resources and grow their teams.


Workwolf is a SaaS marketplace that offers blockchain-based HR tech solutions. The platform helps businesses find and hire top talent more easily and efficiently.


ORNA is an innovative AI-driven Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform for small and midsize businesses. The platform offers cybersecurity solutions that help businesses stay secure and compliant.

Hop In Technologies

Hop In offers transportation logistics software to enable and amplify sustainable economic development. The platform offers solutions for IoT, logistics, smart cities, transportation, and more.


Trellis provides software for e-commerce vendors to increase their sales and growth of business with an ad optimization platform. The platform offers advertising platforms, direct sales, e-commerce, SaaS, and software solutions to help businesses optimize their advertising campaigns.


Boundless offers a streamlined business funding application process that helps businesses get the funding they need more quickly and easily. The platform offers financial services and SaaS solutions to help businesses grow and succeed.


Ontario is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem, with many innovative companies making waves in a variety of industries. The 15 SaaS startups highlighted in this article are just a small sample of the exciting companies that call Ontario home. From AI-driven security to e-commerce ad optimization and renewable energy optimization, these startups are using technology to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems and create value for their customers.

As these startups continue to grow and develop, they will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of their respective industries. Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or simply interested in the latest trends in technology and business, keep an eye on these Ontario-based startups – they are poised to do big things.

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