The Future of Tech: Meet Canada’s 15 Most Innovative Hardware Startups

Canada’s tech ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation, particularly in the realm of hardware startups. These companies are designing revolutionary products and services, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with cutting-edge technologies. Here are fifteen notable Canadian hardware startups changing the game in their respective industries.

InfinityQ Technology

Founded by Aurélie Hélouis and Kristina Kapanova, PhD, InfinityQ Technology is at the forefront of quantum analog computing. They work within the realms of enterprise applications, hardware, and quantum computing, shaping the future of computational abilities.


Developing a bionic ear that reduces noise and corrects hearing impairment, AAVAA is the brainchild of Naeem Komeilipoor. The company operates at the intersection of audio, consumer electronics, hardware, healthcare, human-computer interaction, and neuroscience.


AIRZAI, led by founders Muneeb Mushtaq and Nabeel Mushtaq, is a tech company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to disrupt the age-old fragrance industry. Their work involves hardware, direct marketing, smart home tech, and AI.


Moduly, the brainchild of Alexandre Gibeault, Alvaro Macias Fernandez, and Jonathan Lamer, represents the future of smart virtual power plants. By focusing on clean energy, cleantech, energy storage, hardware, and renewable energy, they contribute to resilience, cost-saving, and clean energy production.


Taiv, founded by Avi Stoller, Jordan Davis, and Noah Palansky, is revolutionizing the advertising industry. They replace commercials on live TV with more relevant advertisements, working in advertising platforms, digital marketing, digital signage, hardware, information technology, and the Internet of Things.


Plantaform is the world’s first smart indoor garden using Fogponics technology. Founders Alberto Aguilar, Brendan McGann, and Georges Hamoush operate at the intersection of agtech, consumer goods, hardware, and home and garden.


Mechasys is bringing innovation to construction with their laser projector, displaying construction plans in real scale. Founders Charles Ha, Jonathan Lefebvre, and William St-Pierre are revolutionizing the hardware industry with their novel solution.


Relocalize, founded by Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre, builds micro-factories for food. Their work spans consumer goods, food delivery, food processing, hardware, industrial automation, manufacturing, retail technology, and robotics.

Nord Quantique

Nord Quantique creates quantum processors based on second-generation technology. This hardware and computer-oriented startup is working on the cutting edge of quantum computing.


WeavAir, led by founder Natalia Mykhaylova, provides an end-to-end software & hardware solution for air distribution systems that prevent air contamination and infections. They operate within the computer, hardware, network security, and software industries.

Swiss Vault

Swiss Vault Systems, under the leadership of Bhupinder Bhullar and Douglas Fortune, designs and builds economical data storage systems. They function within the data storage, finance, hardware, and privacy sectors.


MesoMat, founded by Kari Dalnoki-Veress, Paul Fowler, and Sukhbir Kalirai, provides conductive, stretchable fibers that act as light-weight sensors. These sensors monitor strain and mechanical failure when embedded within a material, a pioneering move in the advanced materials, hardware, Internet of Things, sensor, and software industries.


Krippit, founded by Melissa Chung, is a 3D Printing FashionTech company specializing in women’s high heel accessories. They work across the 3D printing, consumer goods, e-commerce, fashion, hardware, retail, shoes, sustainability, and wearables industries.

Auctify, Inc.

Auctify, Inc. is paving the way in the field of focus tracking smart glasses. Their innovative designs span the hardware, machine learning, software, and wearables sectors.

SMRT1 Technologies Ltd

SMRT1 Technologies Ltd, founded by Amy Pommen and Brad Pommen, is a technology company specializing in interactive touchscreens and kiosk solutions. They focus on the analytics, cloud data services, hardware, intelligent systems, retail, software, and vending and concessions industries.


As these fifteen startups illustrate, Canada’s hardware sector is thriving. With a range of innovative solutions from quantum computing to smart glasses, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Their pioneering work is helping to shape the future of hardware technology, contributing to a vibrant and evolving tech ecosystem in Canada.

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