What are Alberta’s Most Influential Marketplace Startups Transforming Business Landscape?

As Alberta’s startup ecosystem continues to grow, a number of noteworthy marketplace start-ups have begun to emerge. These innovative companies span a range of industries, such as technology, health and wellness, and arts and entertainment, and are utilizing e-commerce and digital platforms to enhance their respective markets. Through their unique business models and innovative ideas, these startups are making their mark in Alberta and beyond. Here are 15 start-ups that you should definitely check out.

Marketplace is an online platform that provides a variety of services and products, allowing users to interact directly with sellers and buyers. Some marketplace models follow the B2C model, where businesses sell to consumers, while others may operate on the B2B model, where businesses sell to other businesses. These marketplace startups are redefining how we do business, offer services, and shop for goods by making it all conveniently available online.

It is noteworthy that these startups are not only rejuvenating traditional marketplaces but are also providing unique services and creating new market niches. Following is the compilation of startups which are deemed inventive and are making a mark in their respective industries.


Drivee is a freelancer marketplace specifically designed for the automotive sector. Co-founded by Denny Brian, this platform seeks to bridge the gap between automotive professionals and customers seeking their services. It works on the principles of collaborative consumption, marketplace services, outsourcing, and task management.

Home Spritz

Home Spritz, as its name suggests, provides home and commercial cleaning services. They operate in the consumer, home and garden, home improvement, home services, and marketplace segments.


Launched by Ray Taghavi and Sina Jalali, Beautster is an online platform for booking beauty appointments. Operating in the beauty, E-commerce, Internet, marketplace personal health, wellness sectors, they have rapidly become one of Canada’s go-to beauty booking platforms.

Local Shops

Co-founded by Ryan Corry and Serene Yew, Local Shops is an e-commerce marketplace that facilitates local shopping on a global scale, thereby promoting individual craftsmen and indigenous industries.

Nextdoor Closet

Nextdoor Closet, founded by Shima Fasihi, is a marketplace for pre-owned and new fashion products, promoting sustainable fashion in the process.

Return Guru – We come to you

Return Guru is a marketplace technology company that simplifies the product return process for consumers by providing a hassle-free service where they come to you.


Bōde is digital real estate platform co-founded by Alan Kelly, Jeff Jackson, and Jordan Allred that is revolutionizing the way Canadians buy and sell homes.


Idyaflow is a SaaS-based online marketplace platform that provides peer-to-peer marketplace solutions, with a special focus on supply chain management.

Single Parent Life

Founded by Anca Dan, Single Parent Life is a social and marketplace app that connects single/solo parents with each other and with businesses that offer personal and life services.


Co-founded by Cameron Stephens and Clayton Latimer, ProShyft is an online marketplace that connects small business owners with vetted accounting professionals.


TopRecruiter.co, founded by Luke Gass, is an online marketplace for companies to find rated recruiters in their industry.


Geobark is a marketplace that forges mutually beneficial relationships between pet-deprived individuals and busy dog and cat owners.


Sevenza is an e-commerce platform that helps enterprises, small businesses, and sole traders to advertise, market, and sell their products.


Floating on a wave of emerging technological platforms, GMedChain, founded by Miriam Dong, is automating the medical marketplace leveraging blockchain, data integration, health care, internet, marketplace, and medical sectors.

Adappcity Inc.

Last but not the least, founded by Steve Gow, Adappcity Inc. is a blockchain decentralized application development company. Their first project, a marketplace for original artwork, is uppstart.io.

In a nutshell, these marketplace startups from Alberta are not only disrupting their respective industries, but are also shaping a new way of doing business. By leveraging technology and creating unique platforms, they are contributing greatly to Alberta’s booming startup ecosystem.

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